Which cables for EAD 8800Pro- PassX350- B&W802

I've finally completed (for the time being) my system. Although I've still got a random selection of <100$ interconnects in use and I'd like to swap them out for something which is in line with the components in use. I know the current selection is stifleing performance because I borrowed a pair of Quattro-Fils and it improved in every possible way significantly.

The system is used 70% music (female vocals, R&B, etc), 30%movies.

I need 5 runs of balanced interconnects for EAD8800Pro->Pass amps (x350 & x5)
Either going with:-
2 high quality (front L&R), 3 lesser (centre & rears)
3 high quality (front L,C,R), two lesser (rears)

It depends on how important you think cable matching the front three speakers cable chain is for sound stage coherence.

I also need three runs of some speaker cable for the front three speakers, B&W 802 (Matrix not Nautilus) and a 805 centre. The rears are hard wired into the walls with Nordost cinema line stuff and would be a major pain to replace.

Current shortlist for cables to audition are:-

Ric Cummins Pursang
Acoustic Zen Satori / Holograms
Nordost Quattro Fil, SPM speaker cables

I'm sure there must be more that should be tested, but I'm kind of at a loss where to start. I'd love to find the perfect cables for me within the next 3 months rather than spend 3 years searching through all sorts of average products.

I like a fast, detailed, wide/deep staged sound.

Any initial pointers would be very welcome.

thanks in adv.
I just ordered an ead pro 8800 I am using a pro 8000 which replaced a Theatermaster Signature which replaced a theatermaster ovation I run all Mcintosh amps and Thiel speakers and have been very happy with the Nordost cables I am currently running Valhalla's but used for a few years with great success the quattro fil / spm combo that you speak of I would try and compare the acoustic zens in as close to a side by side as you can I have not heard them personally but have heard good things about them
I have the EAD 8000 PRO, I found that a good power cord really help the EAD 8000 PRO. I am currently using the Shunyata Python.

Good Luck,