Which cables for B W N803 s and Bryston7

I currently have B&W Nautilus 803's and an HTM-1. I'm buying 3 Bryston 7B-ST monoblocks to run them. I'm looking for some advice on a speaker cable that would "fit" well with this setup. I'd like to bi-wire them and am trying to stay somewhat reasonable with the cost ($500-$1000). The lengths would be 20' runs to the mains and a 12' run to the center. I've been looking at Tara Labs (RSC1000), Analysis Plus (Oval 9's and 12's), ZuCable (Julian), Audioquest (Bedrock), TMC and a few others. Thanks for any help.
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I have had quite good success with Transparent in a similar configuration.
I have Analysis Plus Oval 12 bi-wires off my 4BST and the factory spades have a hard time with the Bryston binding posts. My advice is not about cables although I think the Oval 12's work well (Oval 9's might be that much better..) but make sure whatever type of spades (if spades are your choice) will "fit" properly with the 7B's...
All of the above recommendations are solid, and I would add the XLO Double Bi-Wire: this may be beyond your budget, at that length, but even the ER-11s are great.

I second the point on the connects: both the B&Ws and the Brystons have troublesome connections.
Bryston makes cables and sell its own brand of spades, they're on the web maybe you should contact them.
Personally I love Audioquest Sterling coming off the 4B-ST in my audio system. The Sterling might be priced a little high, but most that you can buy now is used so a price break is garranteed. However, I do use Transparent MusicWave Plus Bi-wire for my home theater. Its good stuff, and cheaper. I like it alot.
You choice of TaraLab RSC 1000 would be a wise choice. However, I suggest each cable for single pole connection, that would bring the performance up a couple notches.
Spades: lately I have been having some DIYS fun with cables and the problem with some speakers and amps is usually a simple matter of needing the larger spade. The nomal ones sold here are1/4" and the larger ones are 5/16". There are several variations available also, but these seem to do it for a hack like me. I have both B&W and Bryston in my HT. I can't advise you on cable. I bought a 100meter spool of Canare and made all of my HT runs that way.