Which cables and ics allow the biggest soundstage?

I enjoy cables that allow the music to pour through not constricting the sound and its subsequent effect being a large soundstage.

For those who have tried numerous cables, I'm wondering which ones (no more than $750 used for ic's and $1500 for speaker cables) have given you the biggest soundstage and if you think a certain type of design is better at this than others (i.e. solid core).
JPS Labs. They're like an open, unrestricted conduit to the music - that was my first, and continuing, impression of them and has taken me off of the upgrade-fever bandwagon. Of course, listening pleasure is a subjective experience, but the JPS sounded better to me than the several levels I've tried each of Kimber, Tara Labs, MIT, Synergystic Research, Silver Audio and PS Audio. Analysis Plus was close to the JPS, just not quite as open sounding.
You don't mention what lengths are required in you system, which will make a HUGE difference in the price. I'm an absolute accuracy, sound staging, imaging, transparency freak. Thus far the best presentation I've found has been through Kimber's KS-1130 interconnects and Wireworld's Eclipse 5 speaker cables. The Kimber Monocle X is also a most excellent cable: (http://www.kimber.com/Products/LoudSpeakerCables/MonocleX/MonocleX.aspx) I was using Kimber KCAG prior to the Selects, and they didn't give up much in the sound stage department. Both are generally available here or on eBay, used, at reasonable prices. If you didn't care for them(unlikely), they could be easily sold at no loss to you. Of course: Everything else in your system HAS GOT to be able to resolve, and the disc has to possess the ambience info for the interconnects/speaker cables to carry. Most SS gear lacks in this arena(a statement that is certain to create a furor). You didn't mention what the rest of your system is like either(balanced, single-ended, SS, tubed, etc).
How about speaker placement, and treating first, and second reflection points?

cables?...good luck. (I know, thats not what you asked...I couldn't help it though).

I'm running a 300 SET amp and cables required are typical 1m interconnects with 6 foot speaker cables.
For soundstage and spatial information I prefer solid core cables. I'm using Audioquest Slate right now and have used more expensive cables in their line.
Quite a few cables have spent time in my system and everytime I go back to a solid core design I notice a spatial enhancement. Actually, solid cables are the only type that I hear a marked difference.
Gsbriel Gold Revelation ICs huge and deep soundstage also beautiful tone and detail about $350 or so used...
OOPS - Gabriel Gold Revelation ICs huge and deep soundstage also beautiful tone and detail about $350 or so used...
Yes all those other things contribute but cables will vary in how they influence the soundstage hence why I ask as I have not got around to trying as many cables as some seem to have here.

My own limited trials have me using Discovery Signature interconnects and solid core OHNO 12 gauge diy speaker cable.

Thanks for the suggestions so far and anymore to check out appreciated.
I would suggest getting speaker cables where the positive & negative runs are separate. This improves soundstage width & imaging. I agree re: solid core above.
I too like solid cables and unshielded as well. I'm geographically in a great place to utilize unshielded. No cable, no cell service, 20 miles to the closest RF antenna. I have no noise issues with them. My power cords, interconnects and speaker wire are unshielded. I also found treating AC in all manners; good outlets, filtering and regeneration for sources helps the image/soundstage.


For IC's I'm using Speltz's latest silver w/silver Eichmanns
Having listened to a lot of cables, solid core, solid purity, etc., I like the alloys containing gold. Siltech first turned my head to that entity. I use the Gabriel Gold Raptures and you'll have to pry them from my dead hand to get them from me! Gabriel gold offers a great product.

I would recommend you bid on the pair of Revelation Mk II's up for auction right now. They are much improved over the already great MK I, especially in soundstage. You can read all you want on them here in other threads.

for used speaker cables in your price range, I would recommend a pair of Stealth Hybrid MLT's. I still use them, but wish I could afford a pair of GG's......Room treatment and speaker placement are good to take a look at too, but cable are first, IMHO.....

Good luck and enjoy the tunes!
I have used several brands, either all one kind, or combos of different kinds. The cables that have worked the best for me have been the silver solid core offerings from Audioquest. Sky, Niagara, Cheetah.