Which cables and ic's would you choose?

I am putting together the following system: Avalon Eidolon Speakers, Edge Amp and Pre, and Accuphase 75V cdp. Which speaker cables and ic's would you recommend? Cyrus
Granite Audio #470 Silver Interconnects (99.999%)

Bear Lab Silver Lighting Interconnecs (99.999%)

Cardas Golden Reference Speaker Cables
Stealth PGS
Check out the Virtual Dynamics Audition cable package offered here on Audiogon. It's a promo deal, offering for less than 1/3 of retail. I have used his power cords, and they are, in a word, incredible. Check out the website, www.virtualdynamics.ca, and give Rick a call. He's very knowledgable and enthusiastic about his work.
Hi Cyrus

I have used Siltech SQ-28G3 interconnects,with my Accuphase DP-65V,and Siltech LS-80G3 Speaker cables.Awesome!!

Good Luck!
I second the Virtual Dynamics cable package. I loved his PC so much I outfitted the whole system with the reference stuff. Rick now offers cryogenic freezing for all cables if you are interested.
My system is nothing like yours, but I will second Famaraca's recommendation of the Siltech SQ-28G3 as a nice cable.
Hi Cyrus. The two fellars who recommended the Virtual Dynamics to you have really educated me on this product line. I have three of Rick's Power 2 PCs which really opened up the sound of my system. And as Buck mentioned they are now offering cryogenic freezing for all their cables and cords. I've ordered the complete Audition package with the full cryo treatment and should receive them in a few weeks. I'll post a review after break-in, if you can wait that long.
Cyrus-I am running Avalons(Eclipse) with a similar accuphase digital front end(DC-300) I am currently using Cardas Golden Reference and enjoy it very much, though I am planning on upgrading to Jena Labs shortly(symphony line) the only others I would consider seriously would be tara labs the "one", Nordost Valhalla and Transparent opus all great cables and would do a good job in your system.

I would try Siltech LS-180 G3 and FTM-4 SG or SQ-88 if you have to go XLR. Purist Maximus,Dominus series and FIM GOLD which now is recommended by Avalon.
Use the cable which makes you happy :-)
Good Luck
I have tried some of the cables mentioned with mixed results. My current brand is Pure Note. Love the interconnects and am expecting the speaker cables tomorrow. http://www.purenote.com. My system is below for your reference.

-Martin Logan ReQuests.
-Krell FPB 600.
-Krell KRC/Reference Phono.
-Sony SCD-1.
-Old VPI table, SME3009 arm, and various cartridges.
-All interconnects, Pure Note Epsilon Reference.
-Current speaker cables are Silversmith, soon to be Pure Note Epsilon Reference (perhaps).
cyrus: my eidolons sound best with tara, "the one" for cables and ic's. "the zero" is even better but much more dear. -cfb
I would suggest ZCable LIVE. Not as well known as others but worth the try.
Any of you guys still using an Accuphase CD player?
cyrus, It seems to me that if you want an (informative) answer, you should first, provide more info regarding your progression to the system you are now proposing...your likes/dislikes.... why you chose certain cables over others in a previous system???.

I'm baffled by the last response!