Which cables?

I have a Denon 2801 (I will sell this soon and buy a pre/pro or trade it for pre/pro) Acurus A100X3 amp (will get a a100 or a150 2 channel soon), Klipsch KG 4, Klipsch KV3, Klipsch KG 1.2. I have my main speakers wired with audioquest slate. I connect my Denon DCm-560 and DVD player via apature digital cables. I am wanting to get IC's to connect between the receiver and the amp. I am wanting a warmer cable and not something bright like the pbj but more like the MIT cables I used to have. I want to stay in the $60 a cable range. Here are my choices so far-

Custom Canare Cables $35 ea (ebay)
Straight Wire Symphony II $54 ea (audioadvisor)
Mit Terminator 2 $50 ea used
Outlaw Audio PSC cables $79 for 3 pairs of .5 metre

I really want to get a quality warmer sounding ic, but don't have the cash for the cardas. Thanks for your help.

Have you listened to the DH Labs SilverSonic BL-1 interconnects?? Very nice for the money!!! You can find then for about 78.00 a pair.

Good Luck
For warmth I would choose MIT. I use the 330/750 series in my system. It may not work for you however.
I have used and really like the DH Labs BL-1 interconnects as well, but I would not characterize them as warm so they may not be what you're looking for.

I'd suggest a different tact. Don't mess with your cables until after you've upgraded to the pre/pro and new amp. If you need interconnects to hook up your system I'd try to minimize the cost since there's a good chance you're going to want to change them anyway once you upgrade the preamp/amp.

That said, I've found the JPS Labs Ultraconductor interconnects to be on the warmer/natural side, and if you can find a used pair they may be a good choice. Best of luck.