Which cable for Aerial LR5's,CC5, and Dreadnaught?

I posted a question earlier, asking about using Monster Cable 2.4s biwire cables on this combination, and some recommended using a different cable. How would Cardas cables work with my setup? The preamp is a Lex MC-1. What is the sound difference between the Golden Cross, and the Golden Reference? Thanks.
Cardas Gold Ref would be okay...Golden Cross is too mellow.
I've had the Dreadnaught and the Aerials in and had great luck with the Wireworld Eclipse series. I have some older NOS speaker cables that would work great...but get the newer series interconnects (series III+).

Kevin Enderle
The Sound Broker.
I use all Golden Cross IC's with my Dreadnaught, and am quite pleased with the full-bodied sound.
try Coincident IC's and speaker cables if you can...I have a Dreadnaught, pair of Aerial 10T's and like the sound