Which cable are better - Jaden or Bogden Audio?

I want to buy myself new cables - speaker cable and interconnects.
Into the selection, I included Jaden Signature from Argent Audio and Bogdan Silver Reference. Who has experiences with the cables. Which cables are to be preferred?
I don't know about the Bogden cables, but I recently bought the Jaden sig speaker cables. These replaced Acoustic Zen Hologram, and to my ear are quite a bit better. They are extremely quiet with excellent low end extension as well as super resolving on top, I would say they fall into the warm sounding category, but in the best possibly way. Never has the bass in my system been so solid and tuneful. I contacted Ric Cummings at Argent and he sent me a loaner pair of the Jaden Sig speaker cables to try, after just a couple of days I was hooked, and ordered a new set. You should call him and see if he will let you borrow a pair, cables are so system and opinion dependant that you should always try before you buy if possible

I directly compared the Bogdan ICS with Silver Bullet Plugs to the Jaden Signature and it really was no contest. The Bogdan (by comparison) was grainy, unrefined, less musical, and lacking in the frequency extremes.

The Jaden Signature is the best ic I have had in my system (I have tried Bogdan, Coincident, Acoustic Zen, Nordost, WireWorld, Cardas, Siltech, Silver Audio, and Empirical Audio). From top to bottom, the Jaden Signature is well balanced and very musical. You get amazing detail and clarity, yet it sounds natural and not mechanical like other silver ic's have sounded.

As mentioned above, Ric is an absolute pleasure to deal with and he allows auditions (which Bogdan doesn't). I had to buy the Bogdan ic to see if I would like it. So when I sold it, I lost money. Now I know you always lose money when you buy new, but I really think anybody who sells direct has to have an audition period. For that reason alone, I would not ever consider Bogdan again.

Anyway, best of luck in your search.

George, I guess you have not try Audio Note AN-Vz or the Stealth M-21 special. These two cable also quite impressive. I've tried over 2 dozen of ICs myself and found these two to be the best source cable.
Hey Chang,

Taken from your response you have not listened to the Jaden Signatures. I suppose one can form opinions without comparisons. Would like to hear your opinion in a direct comparison to your Audio Note or Stealth.