Which Burson or Dexa did you get?

I have the original Minimax DAC and have read numerous reviews both pro and normal people (the most recent was Enjoy the Musics review of the Minimax DAC plus w/ various opamps both discreet and in chip form). One frustrating thing I've noticed is that nobody ever says which discreets they used! Both Dexa and Burson offer many of the same types (827s, 5534 etc) of opamps but for some reason no one says which ones they got whereas they seem to always say which type of DIP OPAMPS they got. Do the discreet people only offer one kind of opamp for the Minimax or what? Thanks.
I just put the DEXA's in my MiniMax DAC and there was only a
single channel and dual channel to choose from. These ONLY
work in place of specific DIP Opamps and we're just
fortunate that they work in the MiniMax.

BTW, these are EXCELLENT!

Here are the ones I got:

...I wonder why they list the other types of opamps? I guess I don't understand why the listed opamp types that work in the Minimax when using the DIP style won't work w/ the discreet opamps?
Enjoy the music made some comparisons, they used DEXA and Burson. The listed the specific opamps that can be used,

Thanks for the article. It mirrors my experience with the Burson and Dexas. Between Opamp and tube swapping the DAC + is an incredibly versatile product that allows one to tailor the sound to taste.
Glad to see some people are catching on to this. I have used
The Burson and Dexa opamps for about a year now following my
Dagogo. Com review related to the Dac Plus; it continues to impress me.

Just returned from CES and THE shows and conclude that with the right
Associated electronics this method is capable of top level sound. :)
I had read the E.T.M. review but he listed only the types of opamps when he was experimenting w/ the DIP style. Doug, which types did youtry out?
Peleg, I wrote several "Audio Blast" articles at Dagogo.com the past two years or so; one is specifically on the IC Opamps I tested, and the other is on the upgrade to using both the Burson and DEXA Opamps, also DIP style.
Yes I've read the Audio Blast anrticles but unless I'm mistaken, the many types you list were only for the integrated DIP style. When you ordered your Dexa and Burson discreet opamps, which ones did you get? I don't mean single or double but the number that designates what type it is like 627 or 827 etc. Thanks.
Peleg, sorry but you still don't understand. The DEXA and Burson do NOT come in different model numbers. They replace a variety of DIP8 opamps with just one model. It makes it very easy to order. The duals replace whatever DIP8 opamp is in the U1 & U2 positions. The singles replace whatever DIP8 opamp is in the U6 & U7 positions.

You making this MUCH harder than it is. All you need to do is buy (2) each of the single and (2) each of the dual either DEXA or Burson (or mix and match them). You don't need to know anything else.

I did notice that the Bursons are now available with either the long leads or with the DIP8 connector already installed.
Sorry I'm being obtuse..don't mean to be. I guess when I saw the various opamp choices like you see at the bottom of this page http://www.newclassd.com/index.php?page=55 I thought one could choose any one of the listed opamps that will work in the Minimax like one can when choosing the integrated DIP style. Thanks.
Peleg, here is an excerpt from the link you provided:

"This product is offered in two different versions: Single and Dual. Each version replaces a number of industry standard OPAMP's, as used in almost any type of Audio equipment."

The chart on the bottom of the page with all the DIP8 opamps just gives you a list of DIP8 opamps that ONE model of DEXA will replace.
Yeah, I finally read that part myself. Lol, I may be slow but I mean well! My void has finally been pierced. Thanks.