which burmester pre to buy used ?

Can't afford the 808 in this lifetime or any other. Looking to spend around $6 to $7K. Current pre is getting a little long in the tooth (Conrad Johnson PFR) and looking to upgrade. Have to have balanced outputs.
Believe it of not many years ago I could have ordered a new Burmeister for $250 or $300 direct from the company. Passed as it wasn't US voltage. OK, it was a LONG time ago. But current prices still give me sticker shock when I stop to think. I haven't used them but Audia makes a great pre [I have one] with balanced ins and outs; $7K new and much less used; a couple of reviews on the web; as well built as a typical German product but with Italian style.
Burmester 011. Incredible preamp and great sounds.

There is an 035 for sale now at an unbelievable price on agon. Well worth a try. I have an 077 with ext. power supply and love it.
Just curious what amp and speakers you are using.