Which budget integrated for Triangle titus?

Hello, I just aquired a set of Triangle Titus ES speakers, and was wondering if anybody can give some feedback on picking an integrated amp to match. My budget is very tight, so unfortunately I know Im limited. I listen to mainly Classical and Jazz music. This is for a fairly large 2nd listening room. Any help would be great. Thank you
Seek out the Audio Refinement Integrated Amp...the Alpha is the latest iteration. I auditioned many integrateds and enthusiastically puchased one. 50 watts per channel, excellent for classical, jazz, opera etc...can handle complex orchestral works, and loses nothing with classic rock. Has a remote as well as solid construction and very attractive (mine is black).
Your term "budget" is vague and relative with no preference for either tubes nor solid state. Since you give no dollar amount, I'd day Audio Refinement Complete (solid state), or one of the Jolida integrateds.

I'll third the recommendation for the Audio Refinement Complete, it's beautifully built and sounds wonderful. The other brand of relatively inexpensive integrated I've owned and enjoyed a lot is Creek.
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Thanks everyone, as far as my budget goes... Anywhere up to 600.00$. Im also open to either solid state or tubes. Thanks again for your help.
I use Triangles and tubes with great success. I have heard and tried several solid state amps on the Triangles and the only one that worked IMO was a Naim Nait 5i, but I still prefer tubes. Anything 10 watts or more will really make them sing due to there sensitivity and easy load. I'm using an Audio Space 3i integrated found at www.gini.com.