Which Budget Friendly Floorstanders Next?

I just let go of my Monitor Audio Silver 6's and am in the market for something new.  I am aware that some of these might not fill the 6's shoes, but I really just want to try something new, something fresh, and something different.

Here are the options:

KEF Q700
Wharfedale 10.7 (Cheapest Option)
Focal Chorus 716
ELAC Uni-Fi U5 Slim

Thoughts?  Suggestions?
Ohm Walsh 2000.  Golden Ear (any model in your budget).  Both are what I would call "different".
Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 with RAAL ribbon tweeter. Seriously impressive, and right within your budget...
Sonist Recital 3s were just added to my rig…ribbon tweeter, efficient, wood (weirdly, but 100% Poplar cabinets…no MDF, no veneer), sound fabulous.
Lengthy Update:

So I bought a pair of Warefedale Diamond 10.7s shortly after creating this thread simply because they were so cheap ($650.00 for the pair) and for the money I couldn't resist trying them out for a bit. I even bought the matching center channel shortly after. They are now all on their way out.

They definitely do have the significant bump at 80-120hz that is often described in reviews. It actually did not bother me and gave them a nice warmth in the bottom end that reminded me of those old 15" Fishers from back in the day that my father had.

However... The silk dome tweeters and dome midrange never delivered for me. They are just dull. Sometimes I hear a bit of brightness lingering in the distance, but it never comes forward enough. They seem to carry a vale with them, like they constantly have a thick blanket draped over their tops and never get to show their true colors. I drove them with an Adcom 5300 and then an Adcom 535ii, both through my Teac Ud-301. I know the Teac DAC is a poor choice for a preamp, but I am very familiar with what this setup is capable of having used it on my Vandersteen 2cis & Monitor Audio Silver 6s many times over. With the MAs it was fast and crisp, and though it takes a lot to get the Vandersteens going the Teac/Adcom setup really sprung them to life, at least enough life for me given my budget equipment at hand.

The Diamond 10.7s are certainly not for me. Actually, I have found myself now struggling to find anything that I like about them. Even their appearance has gotten to me. I ended up throwing the grills on for good simply because I couldn't look at their faces any longer. I am ready to lose these and get back into something nicer. Something brighter. Something faster. Something crisp.

Reluctantly I have to share that I ordered a pair of Klipsch RP-150Ms to try out as well. I have been itching to hear the Klipsch sound, but knew I would just be auditioning them and that they would be returned after a few weeks, so instead of ordering the larger RP-260Fs that I really had my eyes on I went with the smaller 150M bookshelves that I could put neatly back into their boxes when finished without having to do any heavy lifting OR moving the Warefedales into our spare bedroom during the audition time. I don't know if auditioning the baby versions out of conveinvence was or is a good idea if you plan on getting larger floorstanders, but it did give me a good idea of what the Klipschs are capable of, and believe it or not I was quite impressed. They were extremely detailed and bright (Obviously?) and reached much lower than I anticipated. I imagined the larger floorstanders being a great speaker for me. Only downside I could see is that they CAN be fatiguing over time, and they were especially difficult to place right out of the box (Does this typically get better with break-in?). Finding a sweat spot was near impossible at first, but eventually I found something that worked for me. They are on their way back now.

Now that I got to hear the Klipschs I really want to try the following;

KEF Q750s
ELAC Uni-Fi Slim
Monitor Audio Silver 200s (New! Anyone Heard!?)

Whatever I end up with I will want to buy a matching center channel.  This is very important to me because I do watch a lot of tv and movies on my setup, but have a TC-7240 RCA switch I bought recently that feeds into my power amp so I can switch between my receiver and several different preamps.