Which Budget Friendly Floorstanders Next?

I just let go of my Monitor Audio Silver 6's and am in the market for something new.  I am aware that some of these might not fill the 6's shoes, but I really just want to try something new, something fresh, and something different.

Here are the options:

KEF Q700
Wharfedale 10.7 (Cheapest Option)
Focal Chorus 716
ELAC Uni-Fi U5 Slim

Thoughts?  Suggestions?
FWIW, the local Revel dealer here sells the F36's for &1,500 + tax.  I would assume you could haggle with yours as well.
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Can't say enough good things about the GoldenEar Triton towers: the Sevens at full price, or Threes or Twos used, would all be in your range. I think there's a pair of Twos listed at $1600 right now here on A-gon. We compared the B&W CM8s to the Triton  3+ and 2+ recently - felt the Tritons drivers were better integrated than the CM8s, especially in the bass to midrange area. Every Triton speaker was remarkably coherent from top to bottom. The CM 10s are much better balanced, but they're also much more money.

We didn't spend much time with the Triton Ones because they were above our price range (we spent our audition time mainly with the 7, 3+ and 2+), but "cold and analytical" isn't remotely what any of the Tritons sounded like - quite the reverse.  There was plenty of detail, but I'd say one of the hallmarks of the GET line is that they are non-fatiguing - very smooth and natural sounding to my ears, with a sweet and extended treble. 
One of my favorite dynamic speakers, for the money, or even twice the money (sold new for around $2,400.00 and, if you can find, used for around $1,000.00) is the mid 2000s model, Canadian made, PSB Stratus Stratus Gold i. A fairly large floor standing speaker, that when set up properly, simply does everything right. It needs to be at least 3' from the rear wall and a good foot from the side walls and needs to be in a room at least 12' x 20' to really open up and sound great. Imaging is incredible with a deep and wide sound stage. Base is deep and tight (no need for a sub, as long as you have enough clean power); mids, especially female vocals, strings and horns, just sound right; percussions are quick and dynamic and highs are crisp and clean. It is 4 ohm, so needs an amp that is up to the task.
I have long been a fan of electrostats and ribbons, but for a cone driver, dynamic speaker, this remains high on my list of favorites.
Just a thought,