which budget FM Tuner

Looking for a budget vintage fm tuner. My budget is under $200 shipped. Anyone have suggestions on what I should look for or have a line on one available?
Well, it would help if we had some idea of what you might like. But if into silver faced gear the Kenwood KT-7300 was only second to the 8300 in its day in the Kenwood lineup. But I think your budget rules out the 8300. I know the KT-7500 is a tweakers dream as it lends itself more easily to modification.

I currently own two 7300s and I’m very happy with their performance. If you look at my picture gallery recently posted you can see what it looks like. Or you can check the link I provided below to a picture off the net.


There are a number of Sansui TU 717 tuners for sale on eBay in your price range.
+1 to Sansui TU717
At the sub-$200 range, it's generally a just-pick-one exercise with nil to minimal differences in performance between them. 
Well of course not in the league of my old McIntosh MR78, but little is, and as you stated definitely not $200. That said, $200 buys a lot of vintage tuner these days as most people are streaming music now. 

I like the silver big box look mostly. I have had several tuners in the past but all are out of my current price range. I will take a look at the KT-7300 and the TU 717 mentioned, thanks
I have a Pioneer TX 800 silver face that would fit the bill. 100 bucks shipped
NAD 4300.
Denon (Japan).

What fun! vintage tuners! You should have numerous options in great gear at the used $200 price point. ...And, if you don't like it -- hello audiogon and good-bye experiment.

I picked up a SUMO tuner last year, and it's quite the little tuner! Great sensitivity.  I also bought my kid a used Cambridge Audio tuner (much more recent). It sounds great, but probably isn't "vintage".
old Yamaha (like I have) or a Blaupunkt car radio with a power supply (!)
I had a Sumo Charlie for a short time a couple years ago, nice tuner.  I have a Creek CAS-3140 w/Din to RCA cable that is wonderful.  I've owned it for a good 6 years or more.  I've also owned some other nice tuners in the sub $200 range.  I prefer analog over digital tuners, let me see if I can find my old tuner post which lists the ones I've had, there are many good choices in this price range.  If you can get a Sansui TU-717, jump on it, but I don't think they are selling in the sub $200 range, are they???  Been out of the used Tuna market for a while as I am very happy with my Creek.
Here we go, from 1/14/14:

1. Harman Kardon 330C rec'r
2. Mitsubishi DA-R8 rec'r
3. McIntosh MR-71
4. Sansui TU-717
5. Pioneer TX-9800
6. Dyanco FM-3
7. Luxman T-110
8. Luxman T-400
9. McIntosh 1900 rec'r
10. Yamaha CT-810
11. Quad FM-4 (din outputs)
12. ADS T-2 - fun to use
13. NAD 4020A
14. Pioneer TX-500
15. B&K TS-108
16. Dyna FM-3
17. NEC T-710 - better than B&K 
18. Tandberg 2020 rec'r - nice
19. Creek CAS-3140 (din to rca) - neck and neck w/Tandberg

FAVORITES: 3,4,5,6, 12, 17-19

Additional tuners since this post:
1.  Pioneer TX-8500II
2.  Sumo Charlie

The fmtunerinfo.com site is a good place to start, not the end all in tuner sound, IMHO.
I don't know if you would find this tuner within your budget, but my favorite vintage tuner would be the Onkyo t-9090II. No it's not a Day Sequerra, but for the money it is still a great tuner & has great retro wood paneling. Another good option is the Yamaha TX-1000.
,,just wondering.... Why would you want an fm tuner. I have one built into the surround sound Denon, but never use it. There is limiless music/news on Spotify, Pandora, internet radio, etc. with better sound.
just wondering.... Why would you want an fm tuner. I have one built into the surround sound Denon, but never use it. There is limiless music/news on Spotify, Pandora, internet radio, etc. with better sound
You might be amazed at the fidelity of good FM. Granted, most FM sounds dreadful, but then again so do many CDs and LPs. FM can also be local ... not so with Spotify, etc.  I still get some use out of my Mac MR-80, which I bought new, back when FM actually mattered.