Which Bryston?

I am looking for a better amp to drive my RS1B bass columns and have heard nothing but good on the Brystons. Question is, which one would be the best ? The 4B, 4B ST or the 4B SST? As stated, I will not be using it for uppers or mids, just bass.
I owned the 4B. If bass is your concern, grab one. You won't be disappointed.
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Hi Jeff,
All of those 4B models will work just fine. Just don't opt for the 14B as it is a Bridged tpye amp and the base feedback control system will not operate with that type of amp. You will love the RS1b's. I drive mine with two SAE 2600's @ 400wpc ea. Best speakers I've ever had.
SSTR's used are still really pricey.The 4B ST is what I'd buy for front pair (just got one for a buddy wo has very revealing Maggie 3.6's and he loves it).They had big leap foward with redesigned transformer I belive (don't quote me there though).It is, for mains, most bang for buck.But be prepaired for $1250 at lowest and more like $1500.for a sub the 4B would work fine but you probably won't find one with any or at least m uch of the 20 year warranty.But it will be more like $750-800 and work just fine for a sub.As far as waranty goes don't sweat it.Like the old Crown DC 300's ( a venerable musician and PA amp) they are waaaaay overbuilt and should last 40+ years if well ventiallated and not abused.
Thanks, I am using Kenwood L-09m monoblocks for the uppers/mids. For the bass columns, I am currently using an EV 3200AP, which has more than enough power, but wondered if a 4B would be an noticeable improvement?