Which brand teflon caps do you suggest to cj?

Good morning!i need recomandation to replace regular capacitors of conrad johnson mv-60se power and pv14 pre amps with teflon capasitors.so what is the best sounding brand? Mundorf,jensen or any other?
VCaps CUTF, absolutely magical and the best caps I have ever heard, especially in an amp. PT
Which Mundorfs or Jensens are made with Teflon? If you're determined to go with Teflons, I'd have to agree with Mr P. AuriCap also makes some excellent Teflons, which I've used with great result(http://www.audience-av.com/capacitors/axo_description.html). Be certain to observe the direction installed, whatever brand used, to avoid noise: (http://jimmyauw.com/2010/04/24/observing-inner-and-outer-foil-of-some-popular-capacitors/) (http://www.partsconnexion.com/prod_pdf/auricapxo-lead.pdf)