Which Brand 5.1 Receiver & Model for under $400 & speaker suggestions?

Starting out with Building my new Surround "Movie & Ps4 set up"  we currently have a Bose Cineamate-series 2 Surround System. Subwoofer is not Currently working after 5 years of use 
I have a 1080p Samsung Tv  & watch Dvd's & Blue-rays. 1080p is fine for me & 5.1 Speaker Set-up. I am just Watch Di Movies & Netflix,Ps4 games.  Wanting to not spend more Than $400 on the Receiver ...its doesn't have to have all bells & whistles. wanting at least 70 watt per channel & later if your able to Suggest Reliable & Durable ---Fronts,center, back surround speakers. I'm a Single Father me & 10 yr old son love to feel our movies & games.
Going to get our Back due Child Support Soon!
Much Thanks 
Used Yamaha RX- V663 or similar AVR, and quality 3-way speakers (Tweeter- for highs, Mid driver- for voices, and Woofer- for mid bass) for your mains. Twin subs for smooth sub bass 80Hz and below is a must (Brand does not have to match with main speaker brand.) Expand with external amplifier (Outlaw 5000 or similar 1V input sensitivity amp) if you can. 4 ohm speakers would require it though. Same product series in the 2-way speakers are okay for surround effects. U welcome...
ok Going to be using then NR-1608
then Klipsch R-112sw ref powered sub woofer
Klipsch ref Rp-4000F eb ea floor standing
Klipsch ref premire Rp-4000 eb ea center speaker
will the NR-1608 be enough to run this well?
was going to do the front speakers Bi-Amp. 

Depends on your room size and how much volume you want before possible distortion. With NR-1608, you looking at ~33 watts each for the mains and center. It is a good thing that the speakers are highly efficient to power them and your sub can take care of the sub bass duties.
Consider an Anthem MRX 510 or the MRX310. Both Excellent sounding receivers. I saw a 510 out there for $499.00 You will be blown away by the build quality and the sound. AND, if and when you need service, you will be able to talk to techs at Anthem who share your love and passion for your receiver. I've run the gamut of Japanese receivers. Some nice ones for sure. I've landed on Anthem and am Very satisfied. Good luck