Which bookshelf speakers to buy?

I'm in the market for bookshelf speakers. This will be my first step into a "real" audio system. I will be using these for music/movies(60/40). Considering making it a 3.1 system.

I've narrowed my search down to...

Onix Reference 1 Monitor Loudspeaker: About $500

Tyler Taylo Reference Monitor: $1000

Usher S-520: $450

These will be paired with a Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K 7 Channel A/V Receiver. Haven't decided on a amp yet.

Any help would be great.

Please check into the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1s. They were better than my Tyler Taylos, and actually hung in there with My Tyler Linrooks(!) being better balanced and more musical (though not as resolute). Also search reviews of the Sierra-1s. I bought mine based on a review and thought it was spot on (I just can't remember which review it was). Oh yeah, and they are built like tanks as well.
I've been looking for a pair of Sierra 1s for a while now on here. Will keep and eye out. Thanks.
What sub will you be using if 3.1?
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If you can find a pair of B&W 602's, those were a great set of bookshelves for the money and, for that matter, for a lot more money. In my opinion that was the best deal out there. Much better than the current B&W 600 series models.
I've been looking into the HSU VTF-3 MK3 Subwoofer.
I asked about the sub because if you're going with bookshelves and you want "real" music reproduction, the crossover is critical. I personally am a great fan of Klipsch products. I have never heard any other speakers that can duplicate the immediacy of those horn loaded tweeters. They have this clarity and in a HT setup, the surround effects are so realistic that they can make you jump. I had the SVS SBS-5.1 system for a while and honestly cannot recommend it for music listening, not to say that the MBS might not be a superior product. I'm looking at some of the new Class D amps right now. Been reading great things and I can't wait to audition one.
The current 600 series was dumbed down to justify the more expensive offerings of B&W. IMO , the 601 s3 are very good speakers.
B&W 805 Signatures.
They show up on the second hand market.
If you get a good deal, you can use them for a year or two and possibly sell them for what you paid....that makes them free!
Thank you all for your help.
This messge for Casselk: WHat Klipsch set up do you have?
Unfortunately Wader, right now I don't have a Klipsch set up or any set up. I recently sold my HT, quit my job, and went back to college. I'm a starving student now (just kidding) and can't afford the finer things anymore. When I was stationed on the USS Enterprise, we used a Promedia 5.1 system running off a Sound Blaster External sound card from optical inputs from PS2 and that was good for our tiny shop. When I built my HT, the RF series sounded consistantly better than the other demos at the local HT store. I didn't have the cash to lay down then and worked up from bose to infinity to the SVS system which is what I sold before going back to school. My opinion remains that Klipsch speakers just sound more 'real' or 'there' than the competition all things being equal. I'm rebuilding again but this time I'm going to go modular with separates starting with two channel and working up. I'm thinking the new Oppo BD 83 running analog outs to a multichannel pre-amp and one of the new Rotel class D amps to Klipsch RB-81s.
If you are deciding between Onix Ref 1 and Usher S-520..I have owned both, and I think the Onix is much better, it is more balanced, more detailed, just overall smoother and more refined. The Usher tends to be bright and lean sounding and the dynamics are not that impressive. The Usher is nice for its price and will hold its own against more expensive speakers but the Onix retails for 3x more and is just in a different league sonically.
Having owned the Onix Ref 1 bookshelf, I'd say it was at least the equal to my brother's B&W Nautilus 805--probably better it in terms of musicality. I don't think the B&W 602 has the refinement, top-end extension, control and tight/solid imaging to compete with the Ref 1 at all. I gave a pair away to my brother-in-law.

Having said that, I currently owned a pair of Usher Be 718. From what I've read, I do not think the Usher S-520 is in the same league as the Onix Ref 1. By the way, you can take it up a notch or two by upgrading the crossover caps on the Ref 1. I did and it was more refined and more enjoyable. The drivers on the Ref 1 are really special in my opinion especially for the used price.

Good luck,