Which BNC-BNC coaxial

Need input regarding BNC-BNC digital coaxial between my Naim UnitiServe and Naim DAC V-1. Anyone with this combination, please chime in. Not seeking a critique of components, just synergistic cable. Looking at Heimdall 2 as possible. Thanks.
Blue Jeans Cable

Above should work just fine, absolutely no need to spend more.

Good Listening

Better price than Nordost is: http://www.cabledyne.com/rca-digital-cable.html
The Black Cat Silverstar 75 would be an excellent choice and has bnc on both ends.
I have a Nordost Heimdall2 and an Avanti digital cables. I also have a Naim UnitiServe. I had a Naim nDac and XP5XS p/s. The Avanti is a faster sounding sounding cable and sounds a bit like you turned up the volume a notch too. The Heimdall2 on the other hand is a little warmer sounding. The vocals have a bit more 'soul'. Big difference in price too. Heimdall2 retails for $700 @1M and the Avanti retails for $160 @1.5M.
I use a $22.00 True 75ohm 1 meter coax cable from Digikey. Sounds fabulous. It's digital.
Blackcat Silverstar 75 was an improvement over Blue Jeans cable in my system.