Which best CD SACD with XLR connections

Anybody has an idea which have best details and bass between those « XLR connection» CD- SACD :
Yamaha Blu-ray BD A1060-   Panasonic Blu-ray DP- UB 9000-   Arcam CDS 50.  Thank you

They all seem to be inexpensive players, doubtful there is a big difference between balanced and unbalanced.  
Are you open to buying something else and selling your current gear? If not, you will have to try it both ways and listen. Do you have critical listening skills like a reviewer? They typically know how to listen to well recorded music and can discern pluses/minuses and subtle changes when making comparisons. Of course, some are better than others when giving their impressions/opinions. We all value some traits more than others when selecting what we perceive as better/best or just different. 🙂

That is what makes this such a great hobby/pursuit. 
It would be helpful to you if you provided a budget.

Many, most sub $2000 sa/cd players are not actually TRUE BALANCED, so you will not notice any difference aside from the fact that XLRs are a vastly superior connection to RCAs. Also your amp/preamp needs to be TRUE balanced as well

The least expensive true balanced SACD player Im aware of(and I own) is the Oppo 105, which can be found ~ $800- $1000, more if it has an aftermarket upgraded LPM. I saw one a couple days ago modified by EVS. If you can afford it, that would be the one

Now, once get that far, pretty much all XLR cables sound different