Which Benz Micro w/ Pro-ject Xpress III & tube box

Hi everyone,

Did some searching and did not find a ton of info for this match up.

I have the following:

- Pro-ject Xpression III
- Pro-ject Phono Tube Box II with factory tubes
- Pro-ject Speedbox I
- Ortofon MC-3 turbo cartridge
- Rest of system is Audio Refinement gear (Pre5, Multi5) with Mogami 2549 interconnects.

I was thinking of upgrading to a Micro Benz cartridge. Which on would you recommend? I was thinking about the gold low MC but my phono preamp is 100 ohms and the cartridge recommends 200 ohms. Is the gold a good match up for my factory Pro-ject arm on the Xpression?

Also, I found 2juki's listings out on the bay. Some very good prices there but I guess there is no USA warranty. Looks like he has quite good feedback both on the bay and some on Agon. Anyone have any cons going with a purchase through 2juki?