Which Bel Canto or Mac SS amp works w Mag 3.6?

Which Bel Canto amp would you recommend that can really put out the power the Mags need? Which Macintosh Solid State? Thanks. Laurence
On current Bel Canto lineup, the most powerful amps are the REF1000M monoblocks.... 500W into 8Ohms, 1000W into 4 Ohms. They are based on ICEpower 1000 ASP power conversion modules. The Ref1000M should drive the 3.6 completely effortlessly with a very significant stage and realistic image. G.
Other ICE amp choices exist.
W4S has amps using the same modules, though without whatever 'special' Bel Canto does.
Other 'd' choices exist, too.
Spectron? PSAudio....on used market. and others
As for Mac?
Integrated? The MA7000 is what?.....250 a side? Not in the same power league as the big 'd' stuff, but mac is mac, after all.
Just an amp? The MC402 is 400x2 and bridgeable.
Have you heard the W4S? I just found out about them from a friend here in Santa Barbara and it turns out that he knows the people just North of here who make it. He's keen on the W4S as well. But doesn't know if it it'll work well with the Mags. Thanks again for all your help.
Ldworet, the Maggies 3.6 will be powered more than comfortably by any class D amp that features the ICEpower 1000 ASP module.... or has more or less equivalent power/current ratings. The issue is.... Which class D amp you will enjoy the most.... Like amps of other types, they all sound different. G.
Unless you routinely redline it, I suspect the ASP1000 module is overkill. Max power limit is 30 seconds in any event.
My ASP500 moduled amp looks IDENTICAL (exterior) to the W4S and was made, I suspect, by the same folks. I'll trade my 60second full power time limit for the 3db theoretical headroom increase.
I've never seen over maybe 10vac at the speaker terminals. Even given my crumby DVM from RadioShackup, I'd say no more than 25vac...or about what? 125 watts peak.
The ASP amps have more in common than startling differences. My amp has a 'gain cell' frontend and is a PSAudio. Bel Canto makes a few PS changes.

Maggies are generally a low sensitivity 'easy' load. Most any amp of power sufficient to power them to however loud you like it, will work fine. Better watts, however, trump more 'worser' watts.