Which AV processors have an analog pass-thru?

Which AV processors have an analogue pass-thru? I want to use a seperate tube pre-amp when listening to two channel and need a AV processor that has a analogue pass-thru. I believe Simaudio has one but are there others?
B&K Ref 30 has analog bypass.
The Anthem AV20 also has analog bypass.
The Cal Audio Labs SSP-2500 does.
Sunfire's Theater Grand 2 does, and it is, surprisingly good for the price. More tube-like and musical than most <$2k silicone pre-amps I've heard.
I just checked the Casanova manual.

Analog inputs are routed directly to the tape-out i.e. bypasses all else in the pre-processor.

Digital inputs derive the benefit of the Theta DACs and then the output is passed to the tape-outs untouched by any other processing.