Which Audioquest XLR?

I just got the AQ rocket 88 and they sound fantastic. Which AQ XLR do you guys recommend with the 88s? My speakers are SF Cremonas, Mac amp and yam pre, thanks.
I decided to go up to the Niagara, however with the budget you probably have, I'd say just go to any that use the battery pack and you will be happy. That pack makes the world of difference and they all have the same sound profile. You can find used Columbias or similar for fair prices on here.
I don't use any "battery pack" XLRs (no reason really, and I'll try 'em maybe someday if I think about it) but the Diamondbacks seem to work fine, and are well made. I bagged a pair of Mogamis that SUCKED (weirdly...as other non-balanced Mogami stuff has worked fine) and the Diamondbacks, which can be found to be inexpensive in the used market, are utterly neutral in my system. From DAC to preamp, and preamp to amp (although the amp likely straps 2 lines to ground...still...). Note...don't twist the Diamondbacks as the silicon goo can allow them to short.
The Diamondback at used price is the way to go.
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The AQ Diamond Back and King Cobra have same design with the KC using higher grade copper. Both now sold new highly discounted, and quite available on the used market. Both offer good SC for the $$$.
I use KIng Cobras from my phono preamp to the preamp. Like 'em.
By using a cable with the packs on you will get a much lower noise floor. I've done this in the store using the non battery pack cable with the next up in the line that uses them...I've heard them on their speaker cables as well as balance and RCA. I've also done this with their USB cables and it was a bigger sound stage and much lower noise floor...There is a huge difference between the models if you are using a high resolution system. JMHO
My system is virtually noiseless, so a lower noise floor occurs only when it's off.
My system is virtually noiseless, so a lower noise floor occurs only when it's off.

Wish they had icons so I could put a couple thumbs-up for this comment.
Wolf, that's awesome. One of the first people I've ever met who can say that. Please share your system. I'd love to know what I'm missing as would many engineers who read the forums. The more upgrades most folks make, the more noise they are able to hear. That's one reason that a company like Ayre has added two stages of noise filtering to it's now double diamond 20 reference series.
I do use large aftermarket noise filtering power supplies for my DAC and phono preamp, a Humbuster III for the power amps, an old but useful power conditioner for everything, balanced cables whenever possible with well shielded cables all around, quiet speaker cables (properly spiraled for noise rejection), and my sub is "ground lifted" to not loop with the other things. This results in a dead quiet system that is the envy of all humans (and some animals) everywhere. I am clearly fortunate.
Wolf, the problem is that it's hard to know when someone is joking on a forum. I'm happy that you love your system and I"m sure it sounds good, but I promise you that your noise floor can alway be lowered.
Kalbi, I had used the Audioquest King Cobra and, based on advise from this forum, upgraded to the Columbia (72V pack). I thought it made an improvement in my system. However the KC can be had for about 1/2 the Columbia on used market. Given the cost differential and system synergy/sonic preference issues I could not advise which cable best suits your needs.
Ctsooner...I think you should worry less about my noise floor and more about your inability to detect humor. Maybe these things are connected (Promising improvement of something you haven't actually heard? An inability to detect mirth? Pesky food allergies maybe?), but evaluation by a trained professional and possibly therapy can't hurt, although I won't promise anything.
Wolf, not sure how to put this the right way, but here it goes. I have MS and yes, I do have a problem detecting humor in threads at times. I was being serious in my posts about what the battery packs help with. Thanks for clarifying.
Hey everyone thanks for posting, I should've clarified, I currently am using the AQ diamondback XLR, worth to upgrade from these? Thanks.
Kalbi, the problem with asking questions like this is that it totally depends on your own system. If you love the AQ sound right now, then you PROBABLY will get better performance by upgrading.
I have found and I'm sure I'm not alone, that going up in someone's line isn't always best forKeith, do yourself a favor and check out the 20's.....;)your system. I've had cables in and out of my system over the years and more often than you would think, upgrading changed the sound, but not always for the best. Often times the use of silver just didn't work well with what I was using. I can say that anytime I've heard the AQ cables go from using the DBS units or not, the DBS cables were a big upgrade.

You really need to get some cables into your system and audition or you will keep chasing your tail. Should your system sound better by upgrading in the AQ line? Most probably yes. if the price is right, I'd just go for it as you can sell them if not, but you'll most probably be happy with going for the upgrade. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing. Colorado or Columbia used would be nice places to start.
I just wonder how many have heard a system with truly no noise. I suspect not many. When you do hear it,...the unmasking of shadings and articulations is very stunning.
String, there is always noise on the line no matter what companies do to try and get rid of it. I've heard some serious systems that have dedicated, grounded yada yada...special solid copper cable with silver coating, special outlets and power conditioners etc.... Bottom line is that you are dead on. It's the noise and grudge that masks things. Everything is affected and in a big way. the better your system, the most you hear so you will notice the differences even more, but I've heard systems that are not expensive, but have been fed very clean power and WOW....

I have a regenerator (the original Richard Gray) and I notice a difference when I use it vs direct into the wall. We pulled the surge protector out at the dealer years ago and that made a big difference. I need to focus on cords now as I don't have any aftermarket ones. I'm waiting to see what AQ comes out with when they come out with their new Niagara conditioners. I assume they are coming out with even more serious cords then, but not sure. I have really liked the Nordost cords and power strips too.