which audio rack?

i'm trying to get a 4 shelve audio stand, but would like to hear your opinions.so far i'm looking at plateu, studio tech, vantage point and target.what do you guys think?
"I personally have seen no evidence of any sonic improvement with one rack vs another."

How do you quantify this statement?
I dont have to quantify anything buddy!

See, i am on my what, 6th AV rack? Ive never noticed any difference in sonics, thats all there is too it. I was talking from personal experience.So why would i need to quantify it?

"I like pepperoni on my pizza, not sausage" How can i quantify that statement?

or, "I did not see any fireworks last fourth of july" can that be quantified?

that statement was a statement of personal experience! its not like i said "There is no way in hell a different rack will make something sound different, anyone who believes otherwise is a liar and child of deciet"
Hey Opp, you still there?

Check out the Studio Tech Performance Series. If the 4 shelf version has the same features as the 6 shelf then it has adjustable upturned brass spike supports for "all" 4 shelves.

I have been using their older PA series (same spike feature) for 3 years now and it is a very good unit. The current 4 shelf model is/was available online discounted for $199 (including shipping).

The basic rack is good, just add better shelves, either DIY or commercial, for the source components if you wish (being anal this is what I did). I also mig welded it into a one piece frame (free and 2 minutes work @ my mechanic's shop), but this was probably overkill as the rack was quite rigid before the alteration.

It's less expensive due to the modular (bolt together) design, not a problem, IMO, and it is the only rack I could find in the under $600-$700 price range that offered adjustable spikes for all of the shelves.

I will be adding 2 more source components to my rack (moving the tube preamp/amps to a wall shelf) and will use either Baltic Birch ply or the top of an Ikea Lack coffee table for the new shelf material. I currently use Neuance shelves under the CD /TT, but do not want to spend this much for a CD burner and a Nak 700ZXE tape deck. A half sheet of Baltic Birch ply ($65) will make 4 shelves and the Lack coffee table top ($20) will make 2.
Good grief! Here we go again. I think I will just dump the stuff on the floor, and listen to the music.