which audio rack?

i'm trying to get a 4 shelve audio stand, but would like to hear your opinions.so far i'm looking at plateu, studio tech, vantage point and target.what do you guys think?
Check out the sistrum SP-4 available from Star Sound Technology(the folks that brought you the original audio points), if I were in the market for a component rack its what I would get :) http://www.audiopoints.com/sistrum.html There's a link to check them out- the technology makes sense. Another rack that get a lot of praise is the Grand Prix Monaco, it is a lot more money but some feel it is worth it. I have no experience with grand prix, as were I know the sitrum component racks sound nice.
I have the SP-7 with the brass rods and microfill. Awesome. The result, for me, was similar to a component upgrade.
Yeah, instead of considering $350 racks, I would also like mention ones that are $1400. You should have a custom one built by Sound Anchors, or Billy Bags, but especially Sound Anchors.

FWIW - I saw some Plateau racks in a store, and at least those samples had a certain horrible build quality to them.

Good luck Opp, I'm sure you will end up with a nice non-flat rack.
Just get one that matches the furniture.

I dont believe that the choice of rack has much to do with sound quality, but taste in furniture and decor.
If you are worried about vibrations, you can get rid of those other ways than blowing a fistwad of bills on a rack.

Just look for something versitile and pleasing to the eye.

There seem to be alot of people that well go round for round stating hat you need a $1000 plus rack. I personally have seen no evidence of any sonic improvement with one rack vs another. Just make sure you get one with open sides that allows plenty of airflow.
Honestly, unless you have the extra cash and see something you think would look slick in your house, dont bother.

if you are that worried about vibrations, install some seismic bolts on the feet. its not too difficult to figure out how.
You can get these from Greybar. they make telecomm equipment.

For all of you who claim that the rack makes all the difference in the world, im curious as to how you think the rack affects anything other than cosmetics. Seriousl,y im interested, im not just saying you are full of ****, im honestly curious
I have used those under $500.00 audio racks, which do not improve your system's sound. I heard the Grand Prix is the best right now(friend of mine owns it) but I could not afford. I am using the Maplewood platforms under each components and could not believe they make a big improvement for my system. I will purchase a Mapleshade audio rack in the future since their Maplewood platforms are air-dried (huge soundstage). I would recommend you to try out by stopping by your local lumberyard and try to cut a couple platform and put under your audio components you will see if you like them. Good luck.
Well Slappy, either there are hundreds of audiophiles on this website that are stupid and wasted thousands of dollars on performace audio racks for no reason, or you're missing something.

Instead of ridiculing the rest of us, how about doing some research for yourself, and finding out why every top notch system on this board has a performance-oriented audio rack. I can assure you that these people do not waste their money on useless items. They've been around, and know what works.
Slappy, hearing is like seeing at my house. Maybe its the effects of those tall leafy plants in the yard or maybe its one of those trippy racks. Only two speakers are all that is necessary.... All in fun...Tom
There ARE hundreds of audiophiles on this site that are stupid. And here are a few of them. I am sure what kind of jerk recommends Sistrum for a system with sub-$1k components, but they can't be that bright.
Ohlala you never heard your system until you heard it on one of these racks. You have no idea what your individual components sound like. I expect you will change components many many times and may never switch out the Sistrum rack..Tom
Oh, I'm sure its a great rack, like other great racks I know, but regarding the query, lets try and be realistic for just a minute.
Well if you really want to have REALISTIC SOUND, then you will, just have to do it..Tom
TWL, no need to get so offended here! You are more than welcome to disagree with me if you want. I really dont care. I dont see why you get so offended though. Maybe you need a vacation or something? You must be one of the "Veterans" huh? I noticed younger people dont get so "butt-hurt" quite so easily!!

I must be just another whippersnapper non-educated punk who has no taste in music huh? hahahahahahahahaha
have fun

"Tell ya what, back in my day audiophiles had to go out and get engineering degrees to understand this stuff cause there was no internet! all these young punks ride on the information of other peoplee and arent true audiophiles!"

sure dude
Websters says slapdash=haphazard. Websters says slaphappy=dazed, silly crude..
Slappy= Well fellow Dudes, you decide..
Slappy, its all in the nose angle.

Just kiddin around.

Seriously though, racks can and do make a difference, its very situational however.

Opp, check out Audioadvisor.com, they have a few dozen racks to look at.
Snappy come backs, Slappy. Might you're "butt-hurt" conclusion, also apply to your snippy sarcasm? Age and wisdom as you prove, have no direct correlation.
Buy a Sistrum!, Buy a Sistrum!, Buy a Sistrum! I saw Sistrum in pictures, I've read the design *rationale* and I have seen and touched Lak's Sistrum. Sorry, I will pass on the Sistrum.

There are three racks I really like: Albert Porter's, Jahaira's DIY (which I've actually seen & touched) and the cheap DIY IKEA Lack DIY design.

The IKEA will outperform many many racks and is cheap. Here's the thread and also look in the Asylum archives:


"I personally have seen no evidence of any sonic improvement with one rack vs another."

How do you quantify this statement?
I dont have to quantify anything buddy!

See, i am on my what, 6th AV rack? Ive never noticed any difference in sonics, thats all there is too it. I was talking from personal experience.So why would i need to quantify it?

"I like pepperoni on my pizza, not sausage" How can i quantify that statement?

or, "I did not see any fireworks last fourth of july" can that be quantified?

that statement was a statement of personal experience! its not like i said "There is no way in hell a different rack will make something sound different, anyone who believes otherwise is a liar and child of deciet"
Hey Opp, you still there?

Check out the Studio Tech Performance Series. If the 4 shelf version has the same features as the 6 shelf then it has adjustable upturned brass spike supports for "all" 4 shelves.

I have been using their older PA series (same spike feature) for 3 years now and it is a very good unit. The current 4 shelf model is/was available online discounted for $199 (including shipping).

The basic rack is good, just add better shelves, either DIY or commercial, for the source components if you wish (being anal this is what I did). I also mig welded it into a one piece frame (free and 2 minutes work @ my mechanic's shop), but this was probably overkill as the rack was quite rigid before the alteration.

It's less expensive due to the modular (bolt together) design, not a problem, IMO, and it is the only rack I could find in the under $600-$700 price range that offered adjustable spikes for all of the shelves.

I will be adding 2 more source components to my rack (moving the tube preamp/amps to a wall shelf) and will use either Baltic Birch ply or the top of an Ikea Lack coffee table for the new shelf material. I currently use Neuance shelves under the CD /TT, but do not want to spend this much for a CD burner and a Nak 700ZXE tape deck. A half sheet of Baltic Birch ply ($65) will make 4 shelves and the Lack coffee table top ($20) will make 2.
Good grief! Here we go again. I think I will just dump the stuff on the floor, and listen to the music.