Which artists do you just NOW get?

A while back, I started a post about popular artists that I just didn't get. I thought it would be fun to turn it on its ear and ask about artists that you didn't understand in your (perhaps) misspent youth, but that you have acquired a taste for over time or maybe just recently. Same rules apply. It's meant to be fun. And a little revealing. Please don't make fun of anyone but yourself.

As for me. I have never been able to stand opera. But I find that I've recently developed a taste for Sarah Brightman. And Bocelli.
Kurt Weill closely followed by Minnie Pearl. Both great artists that I have come to appreciate with time.
When I was about 16 (1980) some of my neighbours gave me some music to listen to.
Amongst the various records (including some I liked like Kraftwerk)was Closer by Joy Division.
I just didn't get it,it washed over me despite trying to like it,I was particularly fond of the cover.
Weirdly some 20 years later I bought the same record and it made complete sense.
I can hardly think of music that reflects the darker side of that era any better.
Whilst I was in Glasgow and Joy Division were from Manchester there is something about the lyrics,the music and the overall mood that probably defines the end of the heavy industrial society that defined post-war Northern Britain.
For many these were bleak days,months and years.
Like the best of music it works on many levels.
It conjurs up many memories for me and is in a way now a soundtrack for those who lived through those times and of course ultimately a voice for those who couldn't............
The Allman Borthers. Always thought they were mostly southern rock, and I hate that. But no, they are blues rockers, jazz tinged, and fabulous musicians. Great, intricate percussion. Live at Fillmore East is what hooked me. Long jams that do not get tired. I recently heard them in concert, and I must say, it was the best R&R show I've ever heard.

Doc Watson. I saw him this summer and have been to three bluegrass festivals since. He is an acoustical treasure and one of the finest musicians I have ever heard. For those who don't know he is a 90 year old blind man. When I saw him he had seven musicians on stage with him. He went through a lengthy process of making sure everyone was tuned just right. He then had all the musicians on the same page acting as a composer directing a beautiful acoustical assault on the sences. At this set I realized Bluegrass is equal to jazz in the improvisational jam since. I am pretty sure there was no rehearsal but this group of musicians was right on. They would play a solo until Doc would nod his head or throw out a "Now it's time for the Banjo to shuffle the deck." Doc sounds as good now as he did 30 years ago. I don't now how to describe him except to say that he is just musical. Although he's no Frank Sinatra, he always sings within himself and is always on tune. His guitar playing is clean and always just right.

RM.. I have to agree with you regarding ABB. I saw them this summer and they are playing awesome right now. A must see concert for this year.
I used to not being able to stand Frank Sinatra and Harry Belafonte....a few years ago, I purchased the Carnegie Hall Belafonte concert and following that the Sinatra at the SANDS cd. Holy cow, these guys were great....
Any blues, Jazz, hiphop, rap...

I used to be one of those Freaky kids when i was younger with all the chains, apikes, blue hair, etc etc..
Back then unless it was dark, gothic, industrial or experimental i wanted nothing to do with it.
Yes, Doc Watson, but he's not a new discovery to me. Simply brilliant misicianship. Purity of tone, taste, precision with soul. Simple, affecting delivery of a lyric too. Get "Doc and Merle Watson's Guitar Album" for some stunning picking.

Los Lobos! Bought Kiko, as recommended by stereophile. One of the worst music i ever heard.
Another thread reminded me of JJ Cale. I used to think he was a great writer but thought his music was muddled and uninspired. But now I get it. Now I would much rather listen to his versions over the artist that have covered his songs. To name just a few: Cocaine & After Midnight/ Clapton, Call me the Breeze/ Lynyrd Skynyrd, Travelin Light / Wide Spread Panic. His style is understated with what I would call a slow groove. If you like Dire Straights and Mark Knopfler then you owe it to yourself to hear the true original. I read an interview with Eric Clapton and they asked him what other musician he would like to be and his response was: JJ Cale.

A couple of other musicians that I never enjoyed until recently are Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Allison Krause.
As you can tell, I am rediscovering roots music.
Before this thing gets completely derailed, I'll add one.

Rather than a specific group, I never used to "get" a whole genre...Bluegrass.

I never understood why people would like so many HORRIBLE elements all combined into one form of music. Let's see...fiddle, banjo, mandolin, twanging, yodling, folky country music? YUK! Taken separately, I'm not a big fan of any of these elements, especially country music.

I now GET that this is the "original" country music. The tight harmonies, complex time signatures, virtuosic musicianship and even improvisation. It's ALL good.

Very much like "Jazz" has been comandeered by the Kenny G and David Benoits of the world. Many people have no idea what real jazz is anymore. As with all things, the good stuff never gets the exposure or the airtime. I guess that's why we need forums like this, huh?

Nice thread, Kinsekd.
Female vocals like Eva Cassidy and Patricia Barber, I used tyo like instrumentals but have found I like the well done ballad etc. these last few years.


Duane Allman was a big fan of the Jazz classic Kind of Blue and was known to listen to it a lot, almost to the point of studying it.
I always wondered why all the followers of Bob Dylan.
I've listened to him 'somewhat' but not seriously until recently.
Im still undecided but I do enjoy my SACD 'Blonde On Blonde' very much and am trying very hard to get into my 2 Sundazed mono pressings.
Im still scratching my head somewhat.
I'm with you on the Bob Dylan thing. I keep thinking he's an acquired taste. I saw him several years ago and was very underwhelmed... Although some of my friends who have seen him recently say he's singing much better now.
If we have this thread in 10 years I'm thinking I would start out my post with something like this; Mozart. I can't believe it's taken me this long to enjoy this genius. That's the beauty of music... As we change and hopefully evolve so do our taste. Discovering new music is great but sometimes RE-discovering music is even better. The natural question one asks is… Why didn’t I like that artist and why do I like them now? I don’t mean to sound profound… I just think it is interesting.
Who/what I NOW get is, like Phil, female jazz vocals (except Diana Krall).