Which arms share the Rega Geometry?

I'm looking to find an arm for a table that has a Rega cutout but I'm generally not thrilled with the sound of Rega arms. Anything else just drop in? Or do I need to bite the bullet and get a new armboard?


@dhcod So you don't want the arm for the new table but another table while your new table is being built? Why can't you share what type of table you need this tonearm for? If it's a high end table, then you want as good an arm as you can afford. Generally, $1,500.00 is enough for a good arm but not high end. What is your budget?


You should take a look at a UPGRADED REGA arm! Last I checked they were running around $1200, but that was a few years back.


Matt M



+1 Origin Live they make arms to cover all budgets, and all are highly rated within their budget.