which are the better speakers.

Looking for feed back on which of theses speakers would be the best at playing several music types form R&B to Country to Jazz ect. I have narrowed my choices down to mcintosh RX7 and the original Acoustic Research AR9 speakers. Before everyone starts with what about these other brands. I have narrowed the serch to these two due to availability and shipping.

do you have your power picked out yet;if you do what will be driving the speakers?
The AR-9's are very good I have a pair of AR-90's but they do need a lot of power to sound their best. I don't know anything about the Mac's . There is a seller on e-bay called vintage AR that specializes in AR speakers and is very reputable.

I currently have a set of Electron Kinetics Eagle 400 mono block amps.
a good friend has the AR-9's and i've listened to them often. nice sounding speaker with adequate power driving them. sound really thin if you're short on the juice.

not familiar with your mono's but the spec's seem to indicate they can get the job done.

have never heard the RX7's so can't comment on which ones would sound "better"

good luck
I have owned several McIntosh speakers including the RX 7's and have heard several AR speakers over the years. I feel they are similar sounding: both being steady and agreeable but both lack the openness and imaging of other designs. Both do better with 100+ watt amps. Good luck.
Jihley which speakers did you perfer overall? I will be powering them with a set of electron kinetics eagle 400 monoblock amps rated at 400 to 450 watts each.