Which are the best HT speaker. REL,Aerial,Velodyne

I am just starting to build a HT system. I am going to start with speakers. Afterward I am looking for a 5.1 amplifier and a dvd/cd/sacd player. I already have a 50" toshiba rear projection tv. I have about 15k to invest. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
A home theater you won't believe is one made out of Magnepan 3.6's......if you have the space. And lots of power. You will be inpressed and they are impressive looking. A REL sub with them would be an excellent choice.
and if you don't have the space for the magnepans, look into
the M&K line. Superb!!
Agree with the above. My personal choice is the Paradigm Reference range. Would use them for an all-music system but they perform well for HT.
Have to throw in a vote for Aerial. I currently have LR5s,CC5,SR3s, and two SW12s. You could do this new with one sub and have a home theater that could stand toe to toe with anything. These speakers need lots of power and a long break in but you will never look back!

I compared M&K, B&W, and Aerial. When all was said and done, I went with the Aerials. For HT, the Aerial CC5 is the one to beat. The center channels from M&K and B&W were no comparison, IMHO.
If you listen to any music on this system, DO NOT USE M&K!!!!! All the other choices above are much better suited for a dual role. KGB540 was right on with recommending the Maggie 3.6's. Dynamic, detailed, and the 3.6's can handle low bass very well for music (leave the sub out for that!). M&K are very good HT speakers, where most of the info is derived from the center channel (like 75%) but they lack size and body for music, even surround sound music. If you have a Maggie dealer close by you should at least give them a listen. GOOD LUCK!!!
It seems to me that a lot of folks didn't see the limit of $15K on their recommendations.

I HAD and All Aerial System for home theater and music. Ran it all w/ Bryston 500Watt monoblocks. I had the Aerial 8bs, CC5 Center, and SR3's. Sure a good system, but I've just finish selling my SR3's and CC5 Center. My 8b's are now my rear channels as I've bought 3 ATC 100's. I love Michael Kelly to death, but I'm sorry, ATC knocks Aerial in the dust.

Go w/ the ATC Active 10's home theater (Concept 2).
All of the speakers are internally Bi-Amped w/ 250 watts (I believe) EACH. The price for 4 speakers, Center, and Sub is something like $11,500. Your AMPS are all included!
This is 10 amplifiers plus the Sub Amp. 11 amps in all.
I recommended it and my boss got into this system. It will truly knock your tail into the dirt.

Check them out on www.atc.gb.net. ATC won the Stereophile Guide to Home Theater System of the Year for 2001. I have 3 ATC 100's so far and there is nothing sweeter in audio. 2 More ATC 50's or 100's and then their Subs and I'm set for life...
It looks like ATC might take the prize after all. Thanks from all of you for your feedback. This has been very good news for me. Again thank you very much for your input.