which ARC tube amp to drive Sonus Faber Cremona

I am going to replace my speakers to SF Cremona, and later down the room, I want to switch my amp to tube, I was wondering if anyone has experience on the VT100 MKIII on the Cremona? Will it sound good? I can go to a different road on a Krell 400Cx. My current pre-amp is an old vintage SP-11MkII. Thanks guys
I used an ARC VT 130SE for almost 2 years. It worked well but I prefer solid state amps for my Cremonas. Recently I've used a ss TAD hibachi, and a ss Bel Canto in place of the ARC. The Cremonas sound very, very good with all 3, but bass response is definitely better with the transistors. Off my experience, I can happily recommend either of the above ss amps which are reasonably priced as well as terrific performers.

Good Luck

I have never heard the SF Cremona's with a tube amp. Every dealer who has them used a SS amp. Krell was the last amp that I heard match with the Cremona's nad it was just killer.

Happy Listening.
how about a sonic frontier power 2 SE, given the Cremona has an okay sensitivity of 90db, will it be a good match?