Which ARC pre-amp with ARC 150.2?

Speakers are Klipsch Heresy and cd player is NAIM 3.5. The audio research sound has always been my favorite. I looking for a tube amp that's a great value.

Many thanks.
If you want ARC, the LS15/16/17 pre series would be the best fit with the 150.2.
It's not ARC but I'm using an Audibile Illusions Mod 3A with Maggie 1.6/Vandy Sub/ARC CD1/Modded PS Audio DAC. GREAT SOUND! The AI preamp is wonderful with the 150.2. No remote and tube choice is somewhat limited, but the sound is killin!!!

I have a SP16 ARC with a Bryston 3BST/SCE HRS interface that's great as well.

Hope this helps!
I use a re-furbed ARC SP-8 with my 150.2 and Maggies, works great. I like the SP-series ARCs because they include a phono stage for my vinyl. But with the older ARCs you have to consider getting them serviced, since the caps and tubes are probably near the end of their lives. I sent mine back to ARC, and they replaced the caps and tubes.