Which ARC Phono Preamp?

Hi Folks:

I'm looking for advice on which ARC phono pre I should purchase to complement my system. I'm considering the PH-7, Reference Phono and a GNSC modified PH-5. Current analogue rig is a VPI Scout/JMW-9/Dyna 20XM. The rest is an ARC LS-26 feeding an ARC 150.2 powering Daedalus DA-1.1's. Anyone who has experience with one or more of these is welcome to jump in. I'm looking to buy my "last" phono preamp and the next system upgrade will be a new table/arm/cartridge so don't hang too much on the current vinyl set up.

Thanks for your help.
I'm only "jumping in" because you said you were looking for your "last phono preamp" soooo....BUY A NICK DOSHI phono and you can add ALL the options for loading etc. you could want at LESS then your probabely ready to spend. Then, WALK AWAY CUZ YOUR DONE, PERIOD!
I truly believe a good phono stage including preamplifier is the heart and soul of a table, arm and cartridge of compatible design performance.
This of course would have to be realized with the rest the system.