Which Analog to Digital converter

I'd like to buy an analog to digital converter for ripping old analog media I own. Recommendations? I'd like a very good one, but I don't want to spend more than 1.5k, hopefully under 1k. I've read Focusrite makes some good ones but looking at the inputs (intended for professional use) I'm not sure how to use these.
Too bad that you, me and we didn’t grab a Schitt Jil during their too short production run. Even with high quality digital you still need a USB interface to capture to files on an editing computer.
This is practically the only game in town, from Reverb or B&H. Or throw Bezos an extra $20, he needs it.


I suspect better SQ converting to SPDIF first but the U24 XL does it all.
Another option is a standalone digital recorder that records to a memory card or USB stick. This method eliminates a lot of computer interfacing issues that audio interfaces can have.
nighthawk: Could you suggest a few? I've never seen such a thing
The Tascam DA-3000 is a example of a digital recorder that nighthawk is talking about.  It's roughly $899, which is cheaper than the RME.  However, most people that have compared them really like the RME ADI-2 Pro better for sound quality.  With the RME, you only need the $49 VinylStudio Pro software to do everything (and a USB port on the computer).  With the Tascam digital recorder you still need a memory card that is large enough to record the length of music you need and also a memory card reader for your computer (which also connects via USB).  I suppose it all depends on your budget threshold.  I would go for the RME.

That used RME on ebay is gone, but there are several "non pro" versions available, some under $1k.  The "RME ADI-2" which doesn't have that special small LCD screen on the front (it's a step down, but still good.

Additionally, I really don't think you will have the "computer interfacing" issues that nighthawk is talking about.

Another benefit of the RME is that many have rated this as a quite excellent DAC as well, so you will have a really nice DAC to playback anything on your computer to computer speakers or studio monitors of your choice.

As far as fuzztone's promoting the Muffin device.  It is a DSP based phono preamp which makes it very easy to do adjustments and special eq for turntables.  You can get it with S/PDIF output, but then you still need a pro audio interface that has a S/PDIF input so that you can record that music.
I have the Tascam DA-3000 and really like it. Works pretty much like an old school tape deck. Still need to use a computer to add cover art to the files, if you wish. My 24/192 files from vinyl are fantastic. I enjoy them much more than the files available through Qobuz and Tidal.