Which amps would compliment a pair of Venere 3.0

I'm looking to purchase a pair of SF Venere 3.0..IN my area, the only store that carries the Venere line is the Magnolia Design Center..Now as some of you may know, the MDC is very limited as far as amps..I've paired them with MacIntosh and Peachtree Audio and in all honesty the PA blew the Mac away..I was also leaning towards a Krell KAV 2250 but I wasn't sure..I'm also on a budget and trying to stay in the $3K range for both the pre/power amps..Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
If your Magnolia Design Center is anything like the ones in my area, they have Sonus Faber Cremona M's and Liuto Towers hooked up to a Marantz Reference PM15S2 integrated in a different room. I recommend you spend some time there and listen to how well the Marantz drives these SF's, especially the Cremona M's, a 4 Ohm speaker! I have heard it and was extremely impressed with this combo. Very good synergy between this amp and Sonus Fabers. Also, the Venere's are only 6 Ohm nominal impedence and the Marantz should do even a better job with these.

At $2500 list, I suggest you audition and consider the Marantz Reference PM15S2. This is not your ordinary Marantz AV product - it is built at their reference factory in Japan and sports some very impressive specs along with a weight of 41 lbs.
I believe all the Magnolia Design Centers are the same..I actually auditioned the 2.5 with Marantz 7005, Mac, Arcam and Peachtree Audio..Peachtree Audio was the only application that really gave me the sound I was looking for..I'm just not sold on purchasing a Class D amp for long term use..The Mac was way to warm for me..There was just to much bass..The thing with the MDC here in Atlanta is they demo a lot of Peachtree Audio equipment with their speakers because the owner of Peachtree Audio lives about 10 minutes away and is always dropping products off to them..

With the Cremona and Liuto Towers they have them paired with a Peachtree Audio Grand Pre..mind you, the sound is VERY NICE but again, it's Peachtree Audio..I may just take a chance on Krell or Bryston!!
Sounds like you did not hear a Marantz PM15S2. Too bad - its in a way different league than the 7005 which is just an AVR. No comparison!

At my MDC's, the SF Cremonas & Liutos are paired with the Marantz PM15S2. You may to take another look or at least ask them if they have one for you to audition.