Which amps to use with a pair of Focal 918

Which amps would you recommend for a pair of Focal 918. My budget is $1,000 max and I listen to almost everything from Opera/classic to jazz, blues and rock.
Thanks for your help
Nice tube int amp like primaluna or cayin or rogue?
I own Focal Electra 936s which are much much larger but share some of the same sonics. I emphatically agree that a tube amp really brings out the best in them. I used all manner of SS including ARC, Musical fidelity, etc. and was astonished by the incredible improvement I got with some excellent tubed monoblocs. While they exceed your price range good tubed integrateds as were suggested should be synergistic. Prima Luna, Quicksilver, Rougue, Cayin perhaps a Ming DA, the best of the Opera Consonance tube amps (I own Cyber 800s) etc. Just make sure to use output tubes with a good power supply and heavy trannies.
Thanks to both for the feedback...I will look into it