which amps go well with Spendors

Was thinking of buying some Spendors( the S series)
Which amps would go well with these speakers giving some life to the otherwise relaxed sound? Would prefer an integrated.
Creek brings them to life. The Destiny in particular.
try a Naim integrated.
I have been using Spendor for over 40 years and currently have 6 pairs. Over that time I have had A LOT of amps on them and from my experence they do 2 things: 1 they sound good with about anything and 2 the better the amp the better they sound. Since they are an easy load for an amp just about anything will work. I would go with the Krell 300s, the current model that retails for $2500 but can be bought for under $2000. You should hear them with my CJ 350, which is admitidly overkill.
Spendors like power and headroom. I think the brand of amp may be less important than having at least 100 watts per channel.
Musical Fidelity NU-Vista M3 or TRI-Vista 300
I also use the the M3.
Spendor's are extremely amp-friendly. That said, the better the amp, the better the sound (duh!). Music Reference RM9 - TUBES baby!!;)
I had S8E'S and used Quicksilver 50 watt tube amps with great results.
My experience is limited to the SP-100, but I have found it to be very flexible concerning amplifiers. I have used it with amps ranging from 300W per channel (Classe CA-300) to 1.5W (homemade single-ended 46 amp). In between, I've used a number of push-pull EL-34 and KT-88 amps, as well as 300B single-ended. The Spendors sound very nice with all of the combinations. Overall, I prefer good tube amps on the SP-100, but the power doesn't seem too critical. I'll admit it needs more than 1.5 watts and a single 300B is sometimes not enough, but anything in the 15 to 50 watt range can do fine. The quality of the amp is more important than the rated power.