Which Amps for Audio Artistry Beethoven?

I have recently bought The Audio Artistry Beethoven speakers and I am wondering which amps to use for them?
I have been wondering if digital amps could do the job.
Is there someone here that own the Beethovens here and have some advise for me?
Used to own the Dvoraks which LOVED the BEL Mk-Vs.
AA speakers, IMO, sound better with solid-state.
Are you talking about the four-piece system? If so, they are some of the best I've heard(Rowland was used to demo...relaxing).
Yes it is the four-piece system.
Thank you for your feedback!
I am now going on a hunt for suitable amps :)
I don't remember which Rowlands were used(this was back in '96@CES)but it was probably the big 8's or 9's. If you have a back issue of S'phile you may find the system description of find it in the archives at the web site.
Here's the review.

Perhaps its my pair of Beethovens you bougth? I sold my set and since that it has changed owner 3 times I think.

I and my Audiophile Buddies have a lot of experince with the Beethoven, A wonderful speaker but SO very difficult to match with the right amp. It also so critical to set up.

I tried the Rowland 8HC/Roewland 2 BUT it was not the best match.
Big Halcro also failed.

On the cheap 2 used Classe 300 stereo amps was good.
The best result was with Krell 450mcx on the top and a Krell
KSA 300 on the subs. That combo could really sing!

Feel free to PM me

Ulf from Sweden

The reviewer said they were easy to set up.
I struggled with the setup. It is easy to get 95% performence out of them. But to get it 100% you have to move them a fraction af an inch. Then listen then move them again. It took hours. I have a wood floor and it is not stable and the main panel is light. So after some time the panels have moved a little and I have to repeat the procedur again. But when you get it right- and with the right amp- it is a world class speaker!