Which amplifier would you buy?

Does anyone have any thoughts as to which amplifier they would recommend? I am using a Krell HTS preamp with Revel F-30 loudspeakers, and enjoy music sometimes, but am more interested in home theater performance. I have narrowed it down to the Proceed Amp-5 and the Pass labs X-5. Both cost about the same and have about the same power output. Could anyone advise please. Thanks, Jeff
Pass Labs make some great amps, but if you are looking for a quality multi-channel amp, you really should also consider the Theta Digital Dreadnaught II.

I second the Dreadnaught.
Since you are only asking about those two amps, I will have to go with the Pass Labs. It is a good amp, but the technology (compared to newer Pass Labs amps) is a little dated. With that in mind I still think it is better than the Proceed. The Proceed is another good product but not in the same league, in my experience.
I wouldn't worry about Nelson Pass' designs getting dated too soon. Lots of folks (like me) prefer the Aleph sound to the X, for example. The newest XA series is meant to combine both sets of attributes, but at $$$$ pricepoints!
Thank you all for your input! It means alot to me that people like yourselves take time out to help others like me. Still not sure which way to go, but I feel I'm getting closer to a decision. Take care and have a fun and safe weekend.