Which amplifier should i buy

Iv'e already asked , quite similar question , but i would like to clarify my question. So , Iv'e ordered a new speakers, Magico A3 and now i want to buy an amplifier, a tube amplifier. The amount of money that i can allow myself is up to 20,000$. The possibilities that i thought about are : zesto eror 300 / vtl MB -450 series ||| signature / vac phi 170 (two - i mean transform it monobloc) . Those are the options that i thought about till now. Does anyone can recommend which is the best option in this amount of money , it doesn't have to be from the option list that i mentioned.Unfortunately  there are brands that i can not buy in my country (ISR) , for example cat....
Thanks to anyone . 
Duder, you need to do the leg work this time.  If you're asking about amps   Then you made the wrong decision on the Speakers 
because you need to know how to set those babies up
  Let's get that right 
I've owned VTL amps for 20 years and have been very happy.  My current amps are VTL 450MKII and have never had an issue with them.  My previous VTL 300 Deluxe Mono Blocks were upgraded by VTL twice and during my visits I met with Bea Lam and Luke Manley, super nice people.