Which amplifier should i buy

Iv'e already asked , quite similar question , but i would like to clarify my question. So , Iv'e ordered a new speakers, Magico A3 and now i want to buy an amplifier, a tube amplifier. The amount of money that i can allow myself is up to 20,000$. The possibilities that i thought about are : zesto eror 300 / vtl MB -450 series ||| signature / vac phi 170 (two - i mean transform it monobloc) . Those are the options that i thought about till now. Does anyone can recommend which is the best option in this amount of money , it doesn't have to be from the option list that i mentioned.Unfortunately  there are brands that i can not buy in my country (ISR) , for example cat....
Thanks to anyone . 
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Congratulations and I believe that you will be happy with your choice of the big CAT😊.
If I were in your position I would get the McIntosh MC2301’s and never look back. They are 300 wpc, McIntosh reliability, and last I checked come in right at $20k.

The only other high powered tube amps I’d put against the MC2301s are 1.5x - 2.0x the price, being the VTL S-400 and the Conrad Johnson ART300s.
Seriously, what you were always going to get is an exceptionally long list of member‘s own favourite amplifiers. Which may help somewhat. But in the end you are going to have to make a shortlist of suitable amps yourself and listen to them in you own home environment: there are no shortcuts.

The idea that there is one best option out there, and that you would get a consensus recommendation on this Forum is a fantasy. Moreover, you would be a fool to buy blind on the basis of a recommendation.
I saw on this site a 300B Set costing $10,000. I was disappointed that such an expensive amp uses electrolytic capacitors in the plate power supply instead of the far superior never go bad with age polypropylene capacitors instead. An SET amp is easy to design and to build. You could use 833As driven by a good 600 Ohm transformer output direct to the grids. 
Air Tight ATM3 mono about 110 watt .