Which amplifier should i buy

Iv'e already asked , quite similar question , but i would like to clarify my question. So , Iv'e ordered a new speakers, Magico A3 and now i want to buy an amplifier, a tube amplifier. The amount of money that i can allow myself is up to 20,000$. The possibilities that i thought about are : zesto eror 300 / vtl MB -450 series ||| signature / vac phi 170 (two - i mean transform it monobloc) . Those are the options that i thought about till now. Does anyone can recommend which is the best option in this amount of money , it doesn't have to be from the option list that i mentioned.Unfortunately  there are brands that i can not buy in my country (ISR) , for example cat....
Thanks to anyone . 
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Iv'e heard only good things about Gryphon , but I'm a bit fixed on tube amplifiers . I love there sound more than solid state amplifiers....
Thanks for your suggestion ! 
Given your stated objectives and  desires I believe that the CAT JL7 is a very good choice for your short list. This is a tube amplifier that I feel could drive the Magico A3 quite  well.
+1 on Mac

The https://rogershighfidelity.com/ Rogers 34S2 or KWM88 are great. I use an 88 to drive inefficient speakers. These are intagrated amps. 

I mean you'd figure anyone with a pair of Magico A3s would engage a preamp by default, right? After all Magico recommends (at minimum) 50 watts / 4 ohms.
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