Which amplifier should i buy

Iv'e already asked , quite similar question , but i would like to clarify my question. So , Iv'e ordered a new speakers, Magico A3 and now i want to buy an amplifier, a tube amplifier. The amount of money that i can allow myself is up to 20,000$. The possibilities that i thought about are : zesto eror 300 / vtl MB -450 series ||| signature / vac phi 170 (two - i mean transform it monobloc) . Those are the options that i thought about till now. Does anyone can recommend which is the best option in this amount of money , it doesn't have to be from the option list that i mentioned.Unfortunately  there are brands that i can not buy in my country (ISR) , for example cat....
Thanks to anyone . 
Can the dealer you bought the Magico A3 assist? If you can get VTL from a dealer, the 450 will work. There is a thread here on this topic. Search in the forum.
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Are you sure you want the heat and maintenance of huge tube amps? I'm a tube amp guy all the way but the big brutes are too much for me. I do run six-pacs but they are not driven hard and put out a reasonable amount of heat. I'd be solid state with the Magicos. 
88 db 4 ohm impedance... will need tube amps that have multiple output taps and decent current capability if the system is in a large-ish room and/or listening to be at higher volumes

audio research, vtl, cj, bat monoblocks would be where i would head... suggestions from magico dealer would be helpful

magicos needs tubes to calm the sizzly treble for sure... hope you live in a cool climate or have excellent, quiet hvac... :)
I'm sure :) , I don't like solid state amplifiers. Iv'e heard a lot of speakers including magico with solid state amplifiers and with tube amplifiers and in my opinion tube amplifiers are much more in every aspect , but that's only my opinion.
Thanks !
I live in a hut climate but i have a great air conditioner :). Thanks a lot for your advice ! by the way magico dealer suggested me to use solid state amplifiers but i don't agree with him....
Thanks again
@haimr we're a Magico dealer and have tried a handful of tube amplifiers with the Magico S- and A- series speakers.

I know someone who is using the S1 MkII with a VTL ST-150 and is very happy with the combination. I've also tried the VTL S-200 Series II and Audio Research ST-80 SE, and they both worked well. I can also recommend the VAC Sigma 170 iQ and PrimaLuna Evo 400 power amplifier as both being able to drive the moderately difficult load presented by Magico speakers better than some other tube amplifiers.
Have you considered a hybrid amplifier?  One with a tube input stage and a solid state output stage.  The ones I've owned are made by Audio by van Alstine (FET Valve 600R) PS Audio (BHK Signature 250 and 300 monoblocks).  I've had high powered tube amps (e.g., ARC Ref 110) and high powered solid state amps (e.g., Bryston 4B SST2) and the hybrids seem to combine the best of both worlds for me.
Great advice's , Audio Research seems to be very interesting, i though about the reference 160 s stereo amplifier and about the vtl.
Thanks a lot !
I've never listened to hybrid amplifier I've only heard about them, I'm quiet in love with tube amplifiers but ill take it to consideration.
Thanks a lot.
"...I thought about going to listen to Cary. Thanks a lot..."

SLP is "Sweet Little Pre-amp" I have an F1 version, it's never going to be sold until I'm gone. 
Pretty sure both PS Audio and Audio by Van Alstine have a 30 day trial period.  The ones I mentioned have MOSFET output stages, so they may sound closer to a tube amp in your system than most solid state amps that use bipolar output transistors.  The BHK Signatures are balanced if that is a consideration for you.  No affiliation with either company other than my experience with their amps.
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OK i will investigate your options . Thanks a lot, it seems that its not easy to choose an amplifier..
Thanks again

The Magico A3 87dB is very similar to the V3 configuration with most likely similar loading on an amp, you need a good one with good current ability.
There is also a combination of 4 ohms and a –50° capacitive phase angle at 4kHz. Overall, the V3 is a demanding load that should be partnered with amplifiers that have no problem delivering high currents.

Good >100 watter that can do good current down into 2ohms, I doubt you’ll get a tube amp to better a good solid state on these, EG: Gryphon Diablo 120 would do nicely or the bigger 300 id $$$.

Cheers George

To be honest if you exceptions musicality if a integrated amplifier 
if seperates depending on your budget ,the Coda 07 sounds like the best of both tubes and Solid state . Coda has pure class A amplifiers thst with the 07 preamp would check all your boxes ,
you didnot mention your budget .I recently bought this integrated amplifier .it is Exceptional even vs separates up to $12k
i made it better still with dual 16 amp Synergistic 🍊 fuses in the back and the excellent VH audio ODam capacitors on the preamp 
coupling caps,and bought the V1 version .

You've made it pretty clear that you have a decided preference for tube power amplifiers.  When you heard/auditioned the Magico A3 was it paired with a solid state or tube power amplifier? 
What was your listening impression?
Get a Mac. It's an investment. My 1974 ma6100 has been in continuous operation to this day and has never been serviced. 
The CODA CSiB integrated is great for the price. I had one and sold a few weeks ago. I am now getting the CODA 07x preamp and the CODA #8 amp because I liked the CSiB.

I also have the KRELL K-300i (90 watts Class A + more Class AB) that seemed more powerful in the bass than the CSiB. The KRELL is also very smooth sounding, maybe more so than the CSiB. I am reminded of the Luxman m900u with this KRELL. I will be selling the KRELL soon since my use for it did not pass the wife test. She did not want the TV to block the window, so bye-bye KRELL. I am using it in the office now as I type this, great piece.

The Mark Levinson 580 integrated was what I demoed the A3 with a few years ago. I thought that it was the best integrated I had heard. Though I now think the CODA CSiB and the KRELL are better.
You might want to try the Atma Sphere MA-1 Mk3.3 they are in your price range and have plenty of power and drive for most any speaker.
You didnot say what you have for a preamplifier  this amplifier below the Coda 16 is Great and will better most anything you put against it . I don’t own it but have heard it it ,it is Exceptional on every level. If I could afford it I would own it.

I would combo a SS amp with a tube preamp. My suggestion: SimAudio 760 and a ARC 28SE. $19,000 for both
Octave Audio in Germany makes powerful tube integrateds and power amps that can be purchased with supplemental power supplies called black boxes meant to assist with hungry multi driver speakers. I’ve heard a few and always liked them.  
Ayon make excellent tube gear if you are set on tubes 
they have the only true microprocessor biased amp 
not fake self bias that averages all tubes .
the Ayon individually calibrate each individual tube for optimum 
stability and longevity. If a tube goes it goes into stand buy 
instead of possibly taking out a transformer then just run the rebias and 
you are back up and running.also they use Worldclass Lundahl transformers and chokes ,which is the heart of any tube amplifier.
I have a preamp lampizator subminiature (lukazs fikus) with a sony ta-5650 SS (v-fet)
The sound of the V-fets transistors is similar to the triode, the combo preamp valve and power amp SS is better than my mc-225, the sound is more fast and natural!
May I suggest Audions by AGD Productions. New gallium nitride transistors. They sound good into my Acoustats 2+2's. 
I Know of a dealer local to me that is selling a pair of Octave MRE220 mono amps. They put out 220w into 4 ohms. They are also built like tanks. 
VAC absolutely blows away VTL. It's in another league. VTL is like Mercedes.  VAC is like ROLLS ROYCE. Go VAC if going tubes. Go Pass labs if going Solid State. 
If you like Audio Research and can stand the heat, your budget is more than sufficient to buy a pair of big reference monoblocks used and re-valve and re-cap.

Currently on eBay: Ref 210s at £7995, Ref 600s, re-valved, at $8,490.
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Better check out Bob Carvers 350 Mono blocks at 350 wpc. Only $10,000 & dealers give a 3 year 0 interest.  Great amps.https://www.bobcarvercorp.com/crimson-raven
Wow , thanks for everyone here for your suggestions you are all really great, hope that i could suggest too, to someone else in the future.

There are a lot of options, i think, for mean time , till i change my mind again :), that i will focus on cat JL7 (although its above my budget , but will see ) or the audio research 160 M/S
Thanks again for everyone 
I drive my Magico A5’s with the Gryphon Diablo 300, a very, very fine combination .
I am no authority on tubed amplification since I have always needed big power for my speakers, and tubed power has always been too expensive.  However, there have been a few amplifiers over the years that I would look at and say, "maybe this one."  One example that caught my eye on USAM the other day is a pair of Manley Neo Classic 500 Tube Monoblock Amplifiers.  They were still posted as of this morning.  I cannot speak to the SQ of the Manley amplifiers but their amps have received various good reviews over the years and if you have a need for high'ish power, the seller says they output "500 watts of power in tetrode mode and 275 watts in triode mode."
I agree with the others regarding Coda. Even though you have a preference for tubes (I have also for most of my life), try to audition the Coda No 16 amplifier. I think in this very recent review, the reviewer nails it; the best of solid state coupled with the best of tubes (for the far less costly Coda CSiB integrated) without the heat and cost of ownership (tube replacement).

Iv'e heard only good things about Gryphon , but I'm a bit fixed on tube amplifiers . I love there sound more than solid state amplifiers....
Thanks for your suggestion ! 
Given your stated objectives and  desires I believe that the CAT JL7 is a very good choice for your short list. This is a tube amplifier that I feel could drive the Magico A3 quite  well.
+1 on Mac

The https://rogershighfidelity.com/ Rogers 34S2 or KWM88 are great. I use an 88 to drive inefficient speakers. These are intagrated amps. 

I mean you'd figure anyone with a pair of Magico A3s would engage a preamp by default, right? After all Magico recommends (at minimum) 50 watts / 4 ohms.
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