Which amp would you choose for a JBL 4367 setup?

Hi! I am planning to buy a JBL 4367 and just wondering about which amp would you choose? I am looking for details, good soundtage. I listen to various genres, lotst of orchestra, jazz, classic rock etc

My first pick would be a Kinki Studio EX M1 and rather spend a bit more on cables.
2nd, used Kinki EX P-7 + Kinki monoblocks.
3rd, used Hegel H360 or any other Hegel?
4rd, used MBL C51 -hardest to find and the most expensive, but I would go for it, if it would offer significant improvement above the others.
or something else in this price range?

Rest of the system : Ikeda 9TT, VPI Classic, Gold Note PH10 + PSU10
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TUBES tubes tubes tubes!Quote from the Positive Feedback review:
"a high quality 30W tube amp capable of delivering large current to the speakers should do a great job with 4367"...If it was me,I would go with a 300B Push Pull unless the room is really big...
I'm prejudiced in that I have the JBL 4319 monitors with the Kinki EX-M1 and LOVE it. The fact that the money you'd save on the Kinki and using it for better than usual cabling shows you're on the right track. 👍

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Since the JBL 4367 is not a very popular large speakers( compare to B&W, Wilson Audio, Focal,....), you won’t get as many  first hand advices. I am one of the few who own the JBL 4367 and am using a Mcintosh MAC7200 integrated (200Watt/Channel   SS amp). It’s very warm and musical. But not the quickest and most analytical amp on the market. My listening sessions are usually 2-3 hours nonstop daily and on lower volumes, I prefer this warm and polite amp. 
     I picked Mcintosh simply because when I search JBL 4367 on YouTube, it’s mostly powered by either Mark Levinson or Mcintosh on high end audio shows. If the manufacturers uses Those two amps, they must be good matches . Don’t you agree? But if you have the luxury to try out different amps before you buy go for it .
I have the JBL 4365's and running them currently with Audio Note Kits 40w EL34 mono blocks. While is sounds very good, the best my speakers have sounded is with high watt solid state and Class D. So if the 4367's are any like the 4365's, they will thrive with plenty of power behind them. 
I also own a pair of JBL 4367s, bought them right after they were introduced. I originally powered them with a Pass Labs XA 30.5, but soon upgraded to a McIntosh MC 452. The McIntosh was a much better match for them, this combination sounds incredible, especially at high SPLs. My room is about 17 x 21 x 8, the McIntosh never runs out of head room and the sound is clean and clear at any volume
Thank you for all the responses! Unfortunately, the Mac and the Mark Levinson is over my price range. I`d prefer solid state over tube, under 3500-4000 euros, used. Integrated or pre+amp(s). I don`t need DAC etc.
I paid $4250 for my used Mcintosh MAC7200 including shipping. Not too far from 4000 euros
MAC7200 was a steal. It`s more likely 6000Eur + shipping, used. 
I have the JBL 4367 and i've paired them with a Mcintosh Ma9000 and Ma6600 and while it sounded good it didn't sound amazing - a bit thin. I then powered them with, and bear with me, A schiit Freya+ preamp (I was skeptical at first) and a Magnus Audio ma400... it was MAGIC, seriously powerful and robust. you can get the schiit Frey+ for 800 and the Magnus Audio ma400 for 4500 through JM sound. Lastly I had it hooked up to an Audio Research VSi75 (integrated), build quality feels like scat BUT the sound was SUPERB. Best combo Ive found and actually listened to. Those mids were sooooo nice. There is a guy on Audiogon selling one new in the box for 4300. WELL worth it. Hope this helps.