which amp would you choose

Got in a debate with an audio buddy about this one. All things being equal, including price, would you want a Belles 150a-Hotrod or a Bel Canto Evo 200.2. I realize that this is primarily about personal taste but we are worlds apart about this one. What do you think and why? Thanks
I should add that this got started because we were talking about amps that seem to have a cult following. We agree that performance does not always follow price but in general the better amps cost more dollars. We both have tube preamps, the Rogue 66 and a CJ PV12, and I use the Merlin TSM while he uses the Proac Response 1.5. Given those parameters which amp would you want and why. Thanks
Your right about one thing, the two amps you are seeking to compare are as worlds apart as you and your buddy are.

The Belles is traditional FET design, and well done. The Bel Canto is the new digital circuit, a radical departure from their usual tube based products.

I have not heard the Bel Canto at all, and the Belles only at CES. Word is that the new Bel Canto has characteristics similar to the Lamm ML1. I find this difficult to believe considering the approximate 2K price of the 200.2, but who knows.

Perhaps some well traveled member has heard both and can break the tie. I doubt there are many places where one may sit down and audition one against the other.
I'd choose the Bel Canto. I've heard both and find the Belles to be on the dark side and I found the bass to be quite muddy. There's no life to it IMHO. On the other hand, the Bel Canto has a lot of zip and excitement to it.

One other thing to keep in mind is that Belles is basically a one man operation and I'm not even sure it's a full-time operation. Thus, servicing may pose a problem in the future.

Just my 2 cents.
How about the Odyssey Stratos? Check out all the reviews on Audio Review.
I have no experience with the Belles. I owned ProAc response 3s for an extended period of time. I have a few days experience with a Bel Canto. If your ProAcs are similar to the Response 3s (extended sweet highs, slightly euphonic and polite mid-range and slightly soft and difficult to control mid-bass) the Bel Canto would be worth auditioning. Excellent bass control and range. Extended sounding. The midrange, in my setup, seemed somewhat lacking in detail and transparency compared to the Musical Fidelity 120 Watt piece and my Audio Research VT130.