Which amp would be ideal?

I have been wondering which of these 3 amps might be best for 2 channel listening and home theater in a 5 channel configuration? Ayre V5 XE, Modwright KWA 150, or Pass Labs X150.5. I listen to a wide range of music but mostly Classic Rock. I use a Esoteric DV 50 for source. A Cary SLP 03 tube pre amp with home theater bypass. An Anthem AVM 40 home theater processor and a Proceed Amp 3 to run the center and surround channels. The main speakers are Dynaudio C1, the center is Contour SC and the surrounds are Contour SR.
I'd be tempted to try the Parasound JC-1. I'm kind of thinking you might want just a touch more power with those speakers (which are kind of inefficient). They are a bit analytical sounding, so something Class A I would suspect. A pair of Mc 2301's could be magical. What about a Pass XA100.5 or XA160.5?
I have a very similar setup: we use the same Esoteric and Cary Preamplifier and I use them with a Krell 250a and I'm very happy - GoldenEar Speakers -. Curiously I also listen to classic rock, like 70% of my music is classic rock and some jazz. One more idea: The Cary SLP03 really opened up when I changed the EH stock tubes, it was, in some ways, a different preamplifier, I used 4 vintage Haltron's. The bass with the Krell and Mod. Cary is great stuff indeed, always welcomed with the kind of music we like.
Sincerely hope this helps, good luck.