Which Amp will make the802N sing

I just took delivery of a pair of Nautilus 802's which do not match any equipment I presently own. I started about a year ago, not anticipating catching the bug, With Arcam FMJ integrated and power amp's, sourcing from FMJ tuner and DAC, runing into 804N's via Straight wire Maistro. I've considered from reading only, the Audio Research LS25 pre with the VT200amp and less bright Cardas cable. Has anyone heard this system or have any thoughts . Looking for a natural presentation which is detailed and tight from top to bottom with a wide and 3 dimentional sound stage. Thank you for the feedback..
The best I heard with Nautilus 802 was with Jeff Rowland Model 12s. I couldn't believe 200 watts could control the 802, but it beautifully. I guess Rowland must way under rate his amplifiers.
disclaimer...I do have a pair for sale, so take it with a grain of salt as I used to own the N802.
FWIW - A friend had N803s and the Rowland Concentra II was by far the best match beating Levinson, BAT, Rogue and Plinius.
I think the Plinius SA-102 is great with N802's. Great Control and power, but at the same time extremely musicaly as well. Good luck
I think the Plinius SA-102 is great with N802's. Great Control and power, but at the same time extremely musicality as well. Good luck
Has anyone tried or considered a Pass X350 or X250 with N802's? If so, please share your thoughts.
If your 802Ns are new, let it break in with 200 hours of playing music before you do any real auditioning of new pieces at home. Use the XLO CD with the burn-in track to accelerate the process.

If your 802Ns are not new, start upgrading a piece at a time instead of replacing the whole preamp/poweramp setup all at once. The goal is to find a power amp that works well enough, in terms of power and control, with the 802 and then search for a new preamp to "fine tune" the setup.

Determine if the Arcam FMJ integrated can be used as separate pre or power amps by simply pulling out some jumpers or switching. If so, use the Arcam as a preamp first to drive a new power amp.

The 802Ns have a detailed but slightly sweet/warm (euphonic) character, so I am concerned that the Cardas interconnects and speaker cables will accentuate the "mushy romantic" character too much. A Krell poweramp using Transparent Music Ultra MM speaker cables is worth considering. Silver content cables may over accentuate the "metallic" quality of the Nautilus tweeter.

Feel free to email me if necessary.

I would agree with the Transparent cables but I must dissagree with the Krell, as every B&W system I have heard with Krell is harsh (bass control in spades but harsh in the tweeter).

The ARC stuff would sound nice, you could also consider a Conrad Johnson Preamp if you preferred a bit of warmth on those B&W's
My 802s sound great with an Arcam FMJ DV 27,connected to Audio Research LS25MKII pre with Cardas Golden Reference, then connected to a Mcintosh MC352 with Harmonic Technology Pro Silway II XLRs and finally The new MIT Magnum 2 Biwires to the speakers.

Good Luck.
First time Ive ever heard anyone calling the N802's sweet and warm. Ill call them a detailed and slightly forward speakerset by nature. Tube amps are great matches for B&W N speakers. Ever think about auditioning one of BAT hybrid amps?? BAT and B&W is a great combo.
I agree with Ritteri that tube amps are the way to go. I have used Classe CA 300, Classe DR8's and my current amp which is a VAC PA100. The N802's are very sensitive to brightness through the upper midrange and depending on program material will tend to pin your ears back and make you wince a bit. A friend has used Linn LK 140's and now Klouts on his 802's biamped and the sound is rather dry and not very extended at either extreme but they don't seem to have the bite that my CA300 would sometimes exhibit, although I must admit that the CA300 had quite a bit of slam when cranked if it didn't sear your eardrums first. The VAC is very smooth and warm with a lot of detail perfect for the 60's jazz that is my favorite music. The VAC fleshes out the mid and upper bass that the solid state gear can't do but sacrifices some impact and extension into the lower bass but the trade off is worth it for me. Also, if you listen at lower volumes say like less the 90db peaks the tube amp is way more fleshed out. If you want to crank the volume, have no fear as I have hit peaks of 106 db from a listening position of 11 ft away without audilbe clipping although this is not my noraml listening level. The solid state amps take way more volume to fill the room with the attendent brightness. Everyone who has heard my system says that this is the best they have ever heard N802's sound and I would need to give credit to the VAC Reneissance preamp that feeds the PA100. It is an incredible preamp. I use Svetlana KT88's with RTC 12ua7 driver tubes in the PA 100 with gives a harmonically rich detailed presentation with vivid colors across the spectrum. If my musical tastes tended more towards hard rock and large classical works I would suggest Sylvania 6189's as the driver tubes as they extend the slam and bass impact at the the expense of mid-bass warmth and harmonic texture. I use Audio magic cables for most of the system. I run the sytem single wired using the B&W supplied jumpers for the tweeters and find this gives a more unified cohesive sound than bi-wiring, perhaps just my personal taste as far as balance and soundstaging. PA 100's seem to be going for cheap 1500.00 to 2000.00 and that is an extreme bargain for amplification that will make unbelieveable music on N802's and not toast your eardrums. The VAC chinese KT88's are too fat and mellow but still pleasing on the right material if you buy one so configured. Right now there is a member selling a pair of VAC PA 160's that I lust after but unfortunatly don't have the right set-up to accomodate them. These, I think with the right preamp like the Renaissance would make the N802's an awesome music maker that would impress you and your friends.
Disclaimer. The McCormack DNA 2 with the SMC Revision A is a great sounding amp. I have one for sale. The amp has been powering my Sonus Faber Extremas and they do sing.
I have 802 Matrix and the VT100 MKIII/LS25 MKII combo is the best for them. I has a Bryston 4B prior. The VT is so much better. Many people told me it can't work because the B&W need ss amps with alot of current. Thank god I did not listen to them. A good number of NY audiophiles with Levinson and Krell gear have told me my system sounds better than it has any right to. If you have the money, the VT200 MKII will be superb.