Which amp to upgrade my Rotel RB-1080?

I have recently upgraded my speakers to Quad 22L2s, 6ohm impedance, 89dB efficient, and love the imaging and mid-range tonality. I will be finishing the upgrade to my front end soon with a JKSPDIF converter, but currently the top end is a bit edgy and bright with the Rotel RB-1080 amp (200 wpc). I am considering the following amp upgrade paths:
odyssey stratos extreme
McCormack DNA .5 or 1
PrimaLuna Prologue 5
Which would mate the best with my system? Volume levels in my listening room rarely rise above 75-77dB.
Why not a Quad amp also if you want a nice warm top end?
I agree with Mechans. Sell the Rotel and Parasound and buy a Quad amp and preamp. Quad electronics are underrated and a true bargain.
There is a quad 909 on sale here, the description says something about the class a part controlling the class b part, or something. I'll start researching them. Does the quad 909 have a matching pre? i like my gear to match, it looks nicer. Their more modern electronics are quite expensive...