Which amp to pair- Proac Tablette 10 speakers

Recently purchased Proac Tablette 10 speakers. Curious which amp to pair with to get a warm, full bodied and detailed sound. Or should I be looking at an integrated? Tubes or class A? 

My older ears are appreciating more warmth and detail without the glare, and when punch is needed to present it self with grace and emotion. I love my Metrum DAC for that reason.
Set up is for my home office 8ft x 14ft (mostly windows on all sides). Source will be a dedicated Roon laptop with TIDAL subscription, using a Metrum Jade NOS DAC/pre. I listen to all genre of music from Folk, Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues to Pop and Electronic. Space is a an issue - the amp will sit on a shelf 13 inches deep. I am inclining towards a class A amp like the Schiit Aegir or Rega Brio (too bright) as I don't want to break my bank and keep it under $1K used. Thoughts? 
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s tyler voices the proacs with arc tube gear
jjss49 is correct, but I would add having owned them as well as Response 1's that these speakers may sound very good with medium power, but they really respond to higher power amps (ss) with a greater sense of ease. Of course you may sacrifice some of the charms of tube sound but you should experiment with both to see your preference. 
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Budget is under 1K.  ARC not a contender.  Schiit might be.

^^^ ^^^ ^^^ not tube, but voiced to sound pretty close

other than that, i would try a primaluna or rogue or quicksilver

a grand gonna be tough, 1500-2000 will get you into striking distance
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Running a tube amplifier makes sense with the ProAc tab10. Are there any tube integrated amps out there that would pair well. I am willing to stretch my budget to $1500 but limited space (13 inch deep shelf) is an issue. 
Naim Supernait integrated would be great. Mk1 should be available SH at near your price point...Small Proac really wake up with a amp that can deliver plenty of current during dynamic swings
call me chicken but I am really scared of understanding and maintaining a tube integrated amp. Never owned one. Been looking online at Primaluna Prologue and the Pathos Classic one or the Rogue - but then been thinking safer to get a Sudgen A21a or Rega Brio. Tough to find a used Sudgen though. 
So I am inclining towards Croft Integrated and may place an order this week. 
Your inputs lead me to the right direction. Thanks @jjss49 @
The Pathos Classic Model One is a hybrid integrated. Tubes in the preamp only. It isn't but about 10" wide however about 17" deep.
I bet the Croft will be a good match with the ProAc. Edgy amps can be too much of a good thing with them. Sugden would have also been nice.

croft piece should be a fine match, as others have commented

i have not heard one but it is pretty much universally highly regarded

gene rubin in LA says it is his second best sounding integrated, after the LFD's - for what that is worth (he sells both, including many other fine amp brands)

i don't think the croft has remote control though, dunno if that is important to you
FYI: Croft no longer has an importer to this country anymore. Bluebird Music was the importer for Croft!