Which amp to Nautilus 801?

I've ordered used B&W Nautilus 801 and I want to know if there is an integrated amp below $5k that will sounds quite fair with these speakers? Is there anybody having some experiences with that? I'm totally out of budget after this last purchase...
Not an integrated per say, but you can buy a pair of Nufore 9Se which have a 4000 damping factory which will control the bass extremely well with the matching P8 preamp which is surprisingly good sounding. The Nuforce gear is so small you can stack the amps with the preamp next to it for a high power small size package.

Check out the Review on Ultra Audio for these magnificent little amplifiers, I am a dealer so I have a lot of experience with the Nuforce products! They rule!

The only other suitable integrated would be the remarkably musical Plinius 9200 which sells for $4,200.00

The Plinius has 200 watts on tap with a tremendous amount of omph! The Plinius sounds better than the DK Designs integrated I also sell.

So in summation I think either the Nuforce or the Plinius would be your best bet. The Plinius products are remarkably musical with tremendous bass slam and a big well defined soundstage.

The 801 need a high current amplifier and alot of power to sound their best, I think the two scenarios I have laid out for you will be good ones!
go for an american or british make. stay away from japanese brands here.

as a rule of thumb (to be taken with a grain of salt o' course) american amps present a bigger and more dynamic picture, while the british will be more 'musical' (there is a reason that all the fine studio stuff comes out of britan;).

I prefer the latter but better judge by your own ears.

also keep in mind that the nautilus series greatly benefits from bi-amping and good cables. so I'd rather advise to get 2 stereo amps for around 2.5k each than one stereo amp for 5k!

as for the american amps: pass labs is usually regarded as a very fine solution for b&w. definitely have look into these. also bryston are very good.

on the british side of things: try either atc or linn. atc makes very transparent and powerful amps. work very well with b&w imho.

linn is rather an offshoot here, but I recently was demoed nautilus 802d with linn chakra 4 channel amp (the 100 watt model - there is also a 200 watt 4 channel amps in this series) - simply stunning. fast and accurate, without being harsh, very precise imaging and more powerful than I expected.

btw: I run older 805s with atc SPA2-150. will demo a linn amp soon on them.
You will need at least 2*200 W / 8 Ohm in a reasonable-good room. In a bad room you will need 2*400 W.

I read that you can buy a Classe 2200 in the U.S. for 5k. You could upgrade later if you wanted more bass control.

There is currently a Musical Fidility KW500 integrated for sale on audiogon under integratedes solid state. The pre section is tube.
Any amp with less than 300W will not justify your purchase.They need lot of power and current to show what they are capable of.