Which amp to match with the Marantz SC7S2???

Hi all, just made a deal on the SC7S2 preamp. Unfortunately, I won't have the funds to get the matching MA9S2, but was wondering if any of you have recommendations for amps? I need at least a good 150wpc into 8 ohms. Of course, what I would like, listed from top to bottom, really due to funds and costs are as follows (used):

Marantz MA9S2 monos ($7500)
Pass Labs X350.5 ($6000)
Ayre V5xe ($2500)
Odessy Extreme Monos ($2500)
Emotiva XPA-2 (two stereo amps for bi-amp) at $800 each

What do you all think?
Opinions are welcome!
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Son of Ampzilla is very good indeed! Bet it is a great match with your warmish sounding preamp. Very nice preamp! Congrats.
Thanks Grannyring,

Well, that is an option... I will have to look into it. Ideally wanting to spend around $3k max, used of course.

what speakers are you using